Revn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I become an alpha tester for Revn?

Join our Discord server, and fill out an application form here.

Minimum specs to play Revn?

Subject to change, here are the minimum PC specs we expect will be required to play Revn:

i5 CPU, 2016 or newer
GPU with 2 GB of VRAM, such as a GTX 940m
8 GB of RAM
Enough hard drive space to install the game. Right now, Revn uses less than 4 GB of hard drive space, but we expect this to increase as we add more skins and content to the game.

Can I stream / make a video about Revn?

Yes! We’re even partnering with creators for giveaways and contests, so get in touch!

Will Revn be free to play?

Yes! Revn will be free to play.

Why Free to Play?

We want as many players as possible to play Revn. If you’re enjoying the game, we want it to be as seamless as can be to invite your friends to queue with you.

How will Revn be monetized?

When setting up a Loadout, players will be choosing from an arsenal of abilities that they have unlocked for their account. Players will get a starter set of abilities. Additional abilities can be unlocked with either of two currencies: Credits or Shards.

Credits will be earned by playing matches of Revn and other in-game actions.

Shards will be available for purchase. In addition to unlocking abilities, Shards will be used to purchase cosmetics and skins.

Can I try abilities for free?

A weekly rotation of abilities will be free to all players. This will offer you a chance to try something new against your opponents. All abilities will be unlocked in the training maps