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Dev Blog 1: New Faces

By March 11, 2018No Comments

A lot has been happening at Project Ambitious. First, there are some new faces that we are very excited to have on the team. One of these is our new community manager. He’ll be introducing himself with a blog post soon. Also, as you may have noticed, our website got some renovations over the past few weeks.

Our new website design focuses on three things. First of all, this blog. We want to share some of the process that goes into creating games. And you’ll get a taste of what we’re making while watching it grow and develop into a finished product. Secondly, several of our developers stream on Twitch while they work on the game. We’ve made a page that hosts all of our streams, so no matter who is streaming, there’s just one page for you to visit! Its a great way to interact with us and get a behind-the-scenes look at game development. Finally, the website will have more information about who we are as a team and as individuals.

This week, we’ve been focusing on character modeling. Thanks to our new artist, Kyle, we’ve made significant progress towards defining the visual style of our game. We’re getting close to having screenshots to share with you in future posts.

Over in the code, we’ve squashed a few nasty multiplayer-network related bugs. Additionally, one of the core systems of our game, weapon customization, is nearing completion. We’re starting to create content for the system. This includes balancing the economy, deciding on stats, and visualizing the system with art assets. Its been great to watch everyone at the studio work together on this.

That’s all I’ve got for this update, but be sure to check back in a week for our next blog post. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll get notified of our new posts in your feed.

Silas Talley, Creative Director / Studio Manager