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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By April 1, 2019No Comments

Update was released early to allow for extra testing on Sunday night. This patch focuses mainly on improving abilities, balancing minions, and minor UI fixes.

Here are the full patch notes:

  1. Added the “Orbital Strike” ability – Call down a series of energy beam strikes on a location
  2. New particle system for Riot Shield
  3. Increased minion weapon bullet speed to 2000 (was 1500). Increased minion weapon core damage to 2 (was 1), reduced Rate of Fire to 150 (was 200)
  4. Riot Shield collision changed: now Overlaps Vision Trace Channel (allows Turrets to agro on players behind holding a shield)
  5. Change some targeting traces collision channel so players can cast abilities through the riot shield
  6. Client players now resume sprinting after aiming ends
  7. Created Stunning Stomp ability and Status Stunned
  8. Created Poisoned Rounds passive item. It gives the character’s weapons the Poison Status Effect to apply to their bullets, which then apply it to hit enemies. Poisoned Rounds only applies poison to the first bullet in a magazine
  9. Created Cooldown Reducer passive item, reduces ability cooldowns by 10%
  10. Increased starting Metal inventory to 200 (was 20)
  11. Minions now agro on Turrets (and will attack them)
  12. Teams now spawn minions with increasing levels of Health with each new wave
    1. Minions now gain 10 health and 10 shields with each new Wave Power Level, and have a baseline health of 40. (Was 100 health gained per wave power level)
    2. Minions now gain 5% damage multiplier with each Wave Power Level
  13. Prevented low-level items of the same class from replacing higher level items.
  14. Changed Armor Damage Overload multiplier to 1.5 (from 2.0)
  15. Added some icons to some abilities
  16. Renamed “Receiver” to “Weapon Core” slot
  17. Added some placeholder music to Lobby
  18. Minions now ignore invisible characters when checking for agro
  19. Turrets now will not agro on invisible characters
  20. Invisible characters will no longer reveal their weapons when aiming down sights with scoped weapons
  21. Crafting an item / upgrading an item in a slot that has a cooldown time remaining will now extend the remaining cooldown time to the new item
  22. Created new upgrade items:
    1. Hermes Level 2
    2. Healing Burst Level 2 and 3
  23. Increased Poison Dart and Chilling Blast projectile speeds to 2500 (was 500)
  24. Increased size of Poison Dart and Chilling Blast projectiles by 4x
  25. Poison Dart and Chilling Blast will no longer fire towards map origin if aimed at the sky
  26. Reworked Armor Modding UI, to prevent Upgrade Buttons from overlapping with mod offerings
  27. Armory Node now broadcasts a subtitle message to players when they walk into its radius and can use it (“Press G / H for Gun / Armor Modding”)
  28. Added “Find a crafting table” text to Armor and Gun modding UI, only visible when player is NOT at a table
  29. New “delayed drill placement” system. Checks for conflict and starts a short timer before placing a drill on a resource zone
  30. Scaled down lane Objective model
  31. Lane Objective “glowing lights” will now turn off when zone is captured
  32. Improved performance of dynamic nav-mesh generation
  33. Players will no longer see nameplates / health bars of invisible players / characters
  34. Improved colors of buttons, text, and added background blur to the welcome message on Main Landing widget
  35. Reworked lobby team list UI widgets. They now have a While loop to check every 0.2 seconds if the team they were assigned to is valid, and then populate themselves once it is.

Known Issues

  1. Minions can agro on turrets that are in the invulnerable state.
  2. Lobby music doesn’t scale with volume settings
  3. Additional “Known Issues” are now being tracked in a new channel in the Discord server, labeled #known-issues

Thank you to everyone who showed up to test this patch last night! We’ll have our regular test on Wednesday @ 5:00 PM.