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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By April 15, 2019No Comments

This week’s patch is all about bringing Revn’s meta into balance. We are laying the groundwork for mid to late game weapon damage scaling in this update. By reducing damage resistance on all items, a more diverse variety of weapons will be viable throughout the match.

Part of this process is reworking barrel mods to be more like gun classes or archetypes. This will allow for the other gun mods (scope, magazine, core) to function more as modifiers and upgrades. The end goal here is for barrels (archetypes) to set a gun’s behavior (such as long range sniper, point blank shotgun, or mid ranged marksman’s rifle), while magazines will modify ammo capacity and reload speeds, scopes will add zoom and critical multipliers, and cores will provide damage and rate of fire bonuses. In this patch, we’ve reworked ammo and reload speed, but haven’t touched rate of fire yet.

The other component to weapon scaling will be adding a system for players to get increased weapon damage out of the same weapon as the match progresses. This will be through a combination of weapon core upgrades, and passive items, both of which will increase your weapon’s base damage.

We’ve continued our recent pattern of adding two new abilities with each update. Update 0.3.15 adds the Flamethrower and the Proximity Mine, both of which should prove useful for ambushing enemies.

Finally, this update improves the mini-map that we introduced last week. We’ve added a vision system, so players will only see characters of the same team, and enemies that their team has vision of. Your bug reports have helped solve some issues with the min-map in this patch as well.

Full patch notes:

  1. New turret model and animations
  2. Added Flamethrower (Fire Blast) ability
  3. Fixed bug where client wouldn’t see particles go away when status ends (Burning Status especially)
  4. Added warning text to gun modding UI for when weapon damage is too low
  5. Weapon Custom Names are now retained when characters die / recall
  6. Adding more staircases to get above the jungle in Lane Map
  7. Renamed Hermes ability to “Skimmer Boosters”
  8. Created system for players to swap armor gear between slots
  9. Added “Player Stats / Leaderboard” UI system, now tracks kills, deaths, and minion kills
    1. Death Screen now has helpful text reminding player that pressing P will show your Player Stats (“Leaderboard”)
  10. Added Stunning Stomp Level 2 (has duration 4, Level 1 has duration 3)
  11. Ability Items can now contribute stats such as Health or Mana to a character
  12. All Abilities now have a Mana stat equal to their Mana Cost
  13. Created Proximity Mine ability
  14. Resource Drill Event Destroyed now checks Is Operational before decreasing Team Resource Income
    1. Fixes bug where it was possible to reduce a team’s income to 0 or even a negative income
  15. Removed Single Shot Explosive Mag from the available mods pool. It was not being utilized as intended, and at the same time was dominating the meta as a sort of explosive sniper rifle.
  16. Zone Capture Meter text now says “Zone Disabled” instead of “Zone Captured” to better reflect game mechanics.
  17. Game State now scales Respawn Time as match progresses (dying later in game takes longer to respawn). Every 30 seconds of game time adds half a second to respawn time.
  18. Added a bubble animation to the Healing Bubble player-built object.
  19. All scope mods have had Critical Multiplier stat reduced to 1.2 (was 2), except for Deadeye Scope, which has been reduced to 1.5 (was 4)
  20. Added HP and DR to the Target Dummies’ UI Name.
  21. Replaced Target Dummies in Alpha Tutorial Map with the new Tier 1-5 target dummies.
  22. Added gameplay setting to invert Y axis on Mouse Look
  23. Added horizontal mouse-look sensitivity scaling setting
  24. Players’ mini maps now only display actors that their team has vision of
  25. Point Of Interest (mini map) system now color codes icons depending on what team they belong to
  26. Resource zones are now marked on mini map.
  27. Optimized min map code for improved performance
  28. Added placeholder SFX for eject and insert magazine during reloading animation
  29. Renamed Heavy Plating to Nanoweave
  30. Nanoweave (Heavy Plating): Damage Resistance reduced to 0 on all power levels
  31. Heavy Resistance Plating: Health reduced to 0 on all power levels
  32. Removed Shields and Shield Regen Rate stats from all Nanoweave tiers.
  33. Weapon mod changes:
    1. F34 Barrel renamed to Handcannon. Mag size 6, Reload Time 1.0
    2. Heavy Cannon Barrel Mag size 1 Reload time 4 Damage to 12 (was 17), Armor Piercing to 25 (was 20)
    3. Long Barrel Mag size 50 Reload time 2.5
    4. Long Shotgun Mag size 4 Reload time 2.5
    5. Medium Barrel Mag size 25 Reload Time 2
    6. Medium Shotgun Mag size 6 Reload time 2
    7. Short barrel mag size 10 Reload time 1.5
    8. Short shotgun mag size 6 reload time 1.5
    9. Sniper mag size 5 reload time 2
    10. Triple burst Mag size 10 Reload time 2
    11. Standard Burst Mag size 12 Reload Time 2
    12. Weak Medium Barrel Mag size 20 Reload time 2
    13. Extended Mag – Mag Size x1.1, No reload time stat
    14. Heavy MAg – reload time x2, Mag Size x2
    15. Standard Mag – now has no modifiers
    16. Quick Mag – Mag Size x0.5, reload x0.6
    17. Removed all other magazine mods from the available pool
    18. Venom RV-1 Damage now x0.8 (was x0.75)
    19. Hellcat SV-2 Damage now x1.5 (was x5.0)
    20. Wildcat SV-1 Damage now x1.35 (was x3.5)
    21. Super Charger SCV-1 Damage now x2.0 (was x6.0)
    22. Grizzly RV-4 Damage now x1.2 (was x2.0)
  34. Added a System Announcement when a lane zone is disabled
  35. Changed Meter Max on Lane Objective to 200 (was 400), lane zones can now be disabled twice as fast.
  36. More awesome ability icons from Blindscar
  37. Added Healing Aura level 2 and level 3
  38. Reworked armor upgrade and armor equipping to use a server-side event to spend resources. Fixes bug where clients didn’t actually spend any metal when equipping / upgrading armor items

Known Issues:

  1. SFX for reloading doesn’t scale volume with audio settings
  2. Flamethrower particles may be bad for performance on lower power PCs.

The weekly community playtests this week will be on Wednesday @ 5:00-7:00 PM Eastern, and Saturday @ 3:30-5:30 PM Eastern. See you there!

Silas Talley, Creative Director