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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

This update should improve the readability of the minimap and other UI elements. New skybox transitions, and profile stats are also being introduced. The tutorial has been improved, with more items unlocked and larger base resource incomes to allow players to better practice game mechanics.

Full patch notes:

  1. Fixed bug where Mobility Stat doesn’t refresh character move speed immediately after changing gun mods
  2. Base Damage Multiplier and Mobility stats are now replicated. Fixes bug where clients wouldn’t see proper values for gun damage in their Gun Stats and Health Stats UI.
  3. Improved skybox so that it transitions to different colors (“time of day”) when finale is triggered
  4. Gamepad key inputs will no longer show up in Keybind Listings (axis or action)
  5. Changed keybindings as follows:
    1. Abilities are now Q, E, and F (previously 1,2, and 3)
    2. Interact (with doors) is now X (previously E)
  6. Increased opacity of minimap to 100%. Added new Circle and Diamond minimap icon shapes for characters and zones.
  7. Scaled up System Announcement text size
  8. Added Armor Piercing 5 to Medium Shotgun and Long Shotgun
  9. Increased Damage Resistance for all fort objects to 50 (was 5)
  10. Adjusted minimap zoom. Clipped the sides of the minimap (narrowed it)
  11. Tutorial now has: Respawn Time is always 4 seconds (doesn’t increase over match time), and all gun mods are unlocked from the start.
  12. Improved targeting visualizer for orbital strike
  13. Magazine size stat is now truncated in gun stat UI. Also fixed some issues with the tutorial game mode.
  14. Players can no longer see enemy build zone boundaries.
  15. Removed warning message from drone when approaching “tether max” since it never was very helpful
  16. Reworked Drone tether HUD display. Reduced Drone Boosted speed to 2400 (was 4800).
  17. Player characters will now display their name while operating a drone.
  18. Created new Leather armor material for under-plate padding
  19. Fixed bug where Over-head healthbars are scaling wrong with long UI names.
  20. Main Menu now has a Profile Page. Profile Page displays number of matches played.
    1. This is part of our new stat tracking system, which will evolve over the next several updates.
    2. We’re going to be adding more statistics and information to this Profile Page soon.
    3. Similar to the Coin system, we will occasionally have to wipe your progress when updating the back end code.
  21. Tutorial Game state now sets all Teams’ Metal Income to 100 (instead of 1)