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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By June 24, 2019No Comments

I’m back from vacation, and we’ve got a small patch for Revn. It might not look like much, but that’s because we’re working on the servers and back-end for cosmetics and improving matchmaking. We’re also taking a lot of our art assets back to the concept stage and re-creating them in better quality.

  1. End screen performance improved. Additionally, players will still see a player’s info even if the player leaves the match before you do.
  2. Began adding more materials and reworking textures on some gun parts.
  3. Helmet cosmetic skin choices are now retained when a player dies and respawns.
  4. Rebuilt lighting in Lobby map.
  5. Added new default character skin for players, codenamed Spider.
    1. The Ogre skin from previous patches will be getting a complete visual rework before returning to the cosmetics store.

To find out what else we’re working on, check our recent blog post here. Have a great week!