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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By August 10, 2019No Comments

Early patch release! We finished Update 0.4.9 early, so we’re rolling it out to Revn now. This also makes it in time for our playtest tonight at 8 PM EST with the developers over at PIRATCO. But you’re here to find out what’s new in this patch. Here you go:

  1. Heavy Mag now has reload time multiplier of 1.4 (Was x2) and Mag Size multiplier of 2.3 (was 2)
  2. Created DoubleClip magazine with reload multiplier of 1.5 and Mag Size multiplier of 2
  3. Fixed Resurrect ability
  4. Spawn Area blast doors are now animated and triggered when an ally player walks near them.
  5. Spawn areas now have ceiling auto-cannons (invulnerable to enemy damage). Art assets coming soon for these turrets.
  6. Spawn area now heals ally players
  7. Minion Factory now properly changes color (green / red) when previewed.
  8. Rogue AI camps can now be found around the map. Killing these Rogue AI will reward the player with Metal. When a camp is cleared, it will respawn after a timer.
  9. Medic Minions now heal allied players and minions commanded by other players.
  10. Improved Medic Minion AI behavior.
  11. Killfeed text is now 50% transparent
  12. Completely overhauled NoLaneMap with new grey box block outs of level design.
  13. Damaging a Nexus will now trigger a HUD message for all players (“Ally / Enemy Nexus Under Attack”)
  14. Player ELO score now displayed in Profile page.
  15. Turrets and Minions now credit their commander with kills for purposes of killfeed, killstreaks, bounties, and profile stats
  16. Pistol reload animation removed, replaced with rifle reload animation until we can record new animation.
  17. Killing enemy squad minions and Rogue AI will now count towards the Minion Kills player stat

See you at the Revn playtest tonight!