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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.5.1

By September 16, 2019No Comments

Patch notes for Update 0.5.1 are now available:

  1. New icons for Health and Mana Buffs
  2. New icons for some abilities
  3. LifeSteal Augmnet: Metal Cost increased to 400 (was 100). Percent Healed lowered to 5% (was 10%)
  4. Fixed UI names for demolition implant tiers 3-5
  5. Increased short barrel damage to 10 (Was 6), bullet speed to 3600 (was 2400). Bullet Speed + Damage are now equal to that of the Medium Barrel.
  6. Fixed hitbox for headshots on target dummies
  7. Added Item Crafting Filter system
  8. Profile page now has a progress bar for mastery level
  9. Reworked item / ability crafting  UI
  10. Updated the default color for new players
  11. New passive item – “Double Jump” augment
  12. New character model for medic minions
  13. Fixed scale of stun stomp particles (matches actual radius of the ability, previously particles were 2x the size of ability’s AoE).
    1. Increased the radius of stunning stomp to 800 (was 450)
  14. Chat box now clears focus if player clicks out of it
  15. Activating Damage Overload now deals the health-loss immediately. Added a 3 second cooldown when toggling the ability off
  16. Fixed “cycle previous spectate camera” input.
  17. Created two new Healing Regein Passive items (Aura and Self-Only)
  18. Medium Plating upgrades now increase shield stat with each upgrade
  19. Minion Factory metal cost increased to 200 (Was 20)
  20. Respawning / Spawning at match start / Recalling now automatically opens the crafting UI.
  21. Death Screen now automatically hides all other menus when it is shown.
  22. Map updates