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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.9.7

By June 23, 2020No Comments

In Patch 0.9.7, we’re improving Revenant Bot AI, introducing a new passive item, and fixing some UI bugs.

Here’s everything new this week in Revn:

New Content

  1. Shield Recycler – (item) When taking damage to Shields, gain % of damage as Energy

Stat Changes

  1. Wave Minion damage scaling per-wave decreased to 4% (was 5%)
  2. Rush ability now grants a flat move speed bonus instead of a multiplier (+150 move speed)

Bug Fixes

  1. Pressing an activate ability input after activating the grenade will now throw it
  2. Fixed bug where client players could not equip gun mods without closing and re-opening the UI.
  3. Fixed bug where client players would not see crafting prices for gun mods.
  4. Fixed hitscan attacks against invulnerable towers not showing any visual effects.
  5. Fixed smoke trails not being visible if a bullet hits nothing
  6. Fixed bug where chat messages would appear out of order occasionally
  7. Fixed bugs related to Rush Ability


  1. Improved Revenant Bot behavior – will now gather more resources earlier in the match, and fewer resources towards the end of the match (prioritizes attacking towers after 14 minutes)
  2. Bloom is increased (up to a factor of 2x) when characters are moving (compared to standing still). Aiming down sights still completely eliminates bloom.