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Team Biography

Team Bio – Allister, Community Manager

By June 27, 2020No Comments

Hello Revenants!

My name is Allister, I’m a new member of the team here at Ambitious Games. For the time being I’ll be serving as the team’s community manager. During these early stages of development while our community is small, many of you will be able to connect with me on Discord during our weekly playtests or through our community focused streams on Sundays at 7:00 PM EST!

If I’m getting to know you, I’d also like for you guys to know a little bit about me! I’ve been gaming my whole life. From Command and Conquer on my first laptop, to the 2,000 hours I’ve invested into League of Legends I’ve always loved strategy games and MOBA. Beyond the time I spend playing games for fun, I also play them to compete.

I reached Master rank in For Honor and hit one of the highest ranks in Duelyst (for those of you who know what that relic is, you’re the real ones) during my time playing these games I came to the conclusion that the most important aspect of a positive gaming experience is creating fun moments while maintaining competitive integrity. One of my goals as a member of the Ambitious Games team is to ensure that through all the changes we make during REVN’s ongoing development, we are always serving the players and creating a game we know you’ll enjoy playing alongside us!