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Hello Revenants,

Today we are excited to announce that we are now working on Milestone 11! We’ve got a lot to unpack in this milestone so let’s jump right into it!

Damage Rework

In order to allow ourselves more avenues when overcoming balance hurdles we’ll be implementing new damage types in Milestone 11. Along with the standard physical damage we’ve been using, we’re now adding structure damage to help combat the power of bases, critical hit rate to further develop the carry role, and energy damage and energy resistance to give casters a more unique role within the game. Although this is going to be challenging to balance in the beginning, long term we know this is the correct direction to take the meta.

Resource Changes

Sticking with our theme of reworking core gameplay systems, we’re going to be adding a new resource dedicated to building. Currently we’re seeing a trend where the majority of players are bypassing building in order to dedicate more resources to their kit. Our hope is that by implementing a resource dedicated to building, base construction will become more of a team effort.

Weapon Damage Falloff and Max Range

Being both a MOBA and a 3rd person shooter does offer some unique challenges. One such challenge is how we handle farming with guns. In the past we’ve been hesitant to give guns too much ranged power. In the current build we address this by making bullets effectively “disappear” when they hit their range cap. In the new system bullets will no longer disappear, rather they will deal 20% damage at long ranges.

Along with these changes we’ll be implementing floating damage numbers. We think that giving the player increased visual clarity on when they are experiencing damage fall off is important with the implementation of the new system.

New Items

As with every milestone, we are adding more items and abilities. As you can imagine with everything else we’re aiming to accomplish this milestone, we have a lot of new design space to build more unique items in. Revn is a game about building your own hero and we’re really excited to bring new tools to do that with. We will be adding new items that focus on the new stats (Energy Damage, Critical Hit Rate, etc).


We’re super excited to hear your thoughts about this milestone. Feel free to reach out to us on our Discord and give us your feedback on these upcoming changes!

Allister, Community Manager