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This week, we’re increasing the cost of Reflective Armor and adding some VFX polish to several abilities.

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New Content

  1. Cyclops helmet now available to anyone who had previously earned it (had to update it to work with new skeleton system)

Stat Changes

  1. Sniper Rifle Frame – Ichor Cost increased to 500 (was 200)
  2. Revolver 8 Shot Magazine now costs 400 Ichor (was free)
  3. Reflective Armor – Ichor Cost increased to 2500 (was 2000)


  1. Healing Burst has VFX now. Also no longer heals ally minions
  2. Healing Burst Ability now has a VFX circle showing radius of effect when cast
  3. New animations for wrist mounted weapons (abilities like Heat Ray and Flamethrower)
  4. Updated some font in the lobby menu
  5. Changed the default for “auto open crafting menu” to Enabled
  6. SFX added when Drone is recalled