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Hey Revenants!

We’ve got a mid-week patch today, that should greatly optimize the servers ahead of the playtest tonight. We also have some great quality of life changes and bug fixes for Vision related systems!

New Content

  1. Added ramps to buildings between jungle and train lane
  2. Added force fields to spawn areas (temporary until we get new door art animated)
  3. Shotgun magazine has new textures

Quality of Life

  1. Added a tool tip to the lifesteal stat display that explains what each of the two color numbers means
  2. Improved UI for item sets in game
  3. Added icons that indicate what roles your team’s loadouts are missing!
  4. Players with vision can now see a colored outline of the enemies that their team can see behind walls.
  5. Players can now see a blue outline of allied players behind walls

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bugs with Hunter death animation
  2. Thermal Vision ability – weapons will also show in the outline now
  3. Fixed some net code related to vision system – should fix bug causing allies to lose vision of each other.
  4. Fixed bug – players can see enemy player health bars when enemies spawn in
  5. Refactored and fixed bugs with Thermal vision (interactions with new vision system had bugs, this solves those)
  6. Fixed sniper 6x scope
  7. Optimized server net code to reduce lag