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Balance Changes

  1. Orbital Strike delay decreased from 1.5s to 1.2s
  2. All guns are now free at the crafting table
  3. Guns now auto reload after firing the last round of a magazine
  4. Sprinting and reloading no longer cancels a reload
  5. You can no longer cast other abilities while Teleport is channeling
  6. All armor items buffed – every armor item gained 10 to 20 armor this is largely to compensate for the rework armor received a couple of patches ago
  7. Energy Transfer AP scaling reduced from 100% to 50%
  8. Lowered recoil on Sniper Rifle

QoL & Bug Fixes

  1. Radial blur for ADS
  2. Improved weapon reload animations
  3. Training Hub has been added
  4. Fixed some bugs related to towers taking damage
  5. Tower destruction animation
  6. Fixed scaffolding collision
  7. Casting an ability will now prevent it from being refunded – prevents thermal vision exploit
  8. Fixed several bugs related to selling and rebuying abilities and gear
  9. Shield bar now only displays for player who have shields