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New Stuff

  1. HUD styling update
  2. New Font (Technically made it in last patch, more adjustments to prevent text wrapping coming soon)
  3. Added input buffering to weapons (Should help clean up scenarios causing weapons to miss fire when tap firing)

Balance Changes

  1. All guns now scale their physical damage with 10% of the players AP
  2. Cast time added to thermal vision
  3. Launch Pads should now launch players deeper into the lane
  4. R.I.P.uncturing rounds – Puncturing Rounds item removed from game
  5. Flamethrower – Energy cost reduced from (7) to (3/4/5/6/7)
  6. Heat Ray – Energy cost reduced from (5/6/7/8/9) to (3/4/5/6/7)
  7. Freeze Ray – Energy cost reduced from (5/6/7/8/9) to (3/4/5/6/7)
  8. Damage Coils – Armor pen reduced from (2/4/6/8/10) to (3/4/5/6/7)
  9. Lightweight Ammo – Armor pen reduced from (2/4/6/8/10) to (3/4/5/6/7)
  10. Boring Rounds – Innate armor pen reduced from (6/13/20/27/34) to (6/12/18/24/30)
  11. Medic Implant – Max HP increased from (100/200/300/400/500) to (200/300/400/500/600)
  12. Overcharged Cells – Ichor cost increased from (400/500/600/700/800) to (500/600/700/800/900)

Bug Fix

  1. Fixed minions not attacking towers (still may remain present to some degree in 0.15.31 expect more QoL updates around minion pathing in 0.15.32)
  2. fixed minions not targeting other minions properly “minions should be perfect and glorious in all their minion ways” – Robert aka “Astranyx” aka “Da Glorious Minion Overlord”