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Dev Blog 7: AI Character Overhaul

By April 22, 2018No Comments

Coding Progress

This week, Chris worked on a complete overhaul of our AI behavior system. We had to start by re-designing how players would interact with non player characters. From there, he’s been setting up patrol patterns and letting them aggro on enemies who come near.

On Wednesday, I worked with Santiago to tackle a bug in the building snapping system. This bug made controlling where the building was placed unpredictable. We made some good improvements, and we understand the math behind the calculations better now. Hopefully the remaining problems will be easier to solve. Iris is also getting involved in improving our building system. She’s currently drafting some new designs for us to discuss at our next meeting.

We improved the building system

New Audio Production Team Members

If you recently looked at our About page, you’ll notice that we expanded our audio production team. We’re lucky to have some extremely talented musicians and composers working on the game. We’re working on integrating the Wwise audio engine into our project workflow. I’m really looking forward to replacing our placeholder sound effects.

Have a great week!

Silas Talley, Creative Director / Studio Manager