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Dev Blog 6: Playtesting Multiplayer

By April 15, 2018No Comments


I started working on some material shaders this week. I also created texture slots on the character’s armor so we can assign different materials to different parts of the model. Also for the character, we improved the rigging so that animations don’t cause his body to clip through the armor, as well as solved an issue where his feet would sink into the ground.

Using the videos we recorded last week, we created a reloading animation and several new walking animations. The reference material has been really helpful to work with.

There are also several new variations of walls in the game now. We’re also experimenting with an elevator-type object that will help players navigate vertical structures.

New wall variation prototype


Multiplayer Playtesting

On Sunday, we got the team together and streamed on Twitch while playtesting. You can watch an archive of the stream here. We built some things, shot at each other, and found plenty of bugs. Additionally, we’ve upgraded to a better networking solution for internal playtesting.

Until next week,

Silas Talley, Creative Director / Studio Manager