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Roadmap 01 Closed Alpha Launch

By September 30, 2018No Comments

Welcome to the Closed Alpha for Revn. Revn is a tactical third person team shooter, with modular weapon crafting and fortress construction. During development, Revn‘s codename was “Siege”, so you might see it called that in some places while we work on rebranding it.

Where do I sign up?

Go to to register for closed alpha access to Revn. We are sending out the first round of keys on Thursday, October 4th, 2018. If you don’t get a key right away, don’t worry! We’re starting with a small amount of testers (under 50) and we’re going to have more rounds of keys in the near future.

What Is the Closed Alpha?

We want to get feedback from players as soon as possible, so today we’re opening up applications for the Closed Alpha. What this means is:

  • There will be bugs. Probably lots of bugs. That’s why we’re having a Closed Alpha. So we can find the bugs, and fix them.
  • Use the discussion forums and our Discord server ( to report bugs.
  • This is not the final look of the game. Most of the art you see are placeholder assets. Animations, textures, and character models are all subject to change.
  • The UI is not finished! We use a lot of placeholder icons that will be replaced with better art assets in the future.
  • The tutorial area isn’t finished! We would love your feedback to improve it, so give it a try and then tell us what could be better.
  • Any progress that you make will probably get reset before the game becomes available for sale.
  • Participating in the alpha does not automatically mean you own a copy of the game.
  • Controls and instructions for playing the game can be found in our Discord server, in the channel #about-closed-alpha. If you can’t see the channel, you haven’t been assigned the Alpha Tester role yet.

Non Disclosure Agreement (Summary)

Participation in the Closed Alpha requires that players agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The important parts of this agreement are:

  • Players may NOT share recordings or screenshots of the game with the public at this time. Do not upload videos to YouTube, stream Revn on Twitch, or tweet screenshots of it.
  • Players MAY upload recordings or screenshots to private channels in our Discord server that are designated for bug reporting
  • We will be updating this policy as progress on the game develops. In the future, the NDA will be removed, allowing you to share Revn with everyone you know!

Development Roadmap

Here is our roadmap for the weeks ahead:

  • Multiplayer. The first version of the game available to alpha testers will be single player only. Multiplayer will be enabled as soon as possible. We are restricting it during the first week(s) so that we can find bugs that are not related to multiplayer.
  • Turrets. Players will be able to build AI controlled turrets to defend areas. There are some game-breaking bugs in Turret code right now that need to be addressed before we can add them.
  • AI minion squads. Players will be able to command small squads of AI cyber-soldiers to assist them in battle. This is a much more complex system to implement, but we’re working on it.
  • New weapon fire sound effects for snipers and shotguns.
  • Crouching toggle. Controls and animations for characters to crouch are being developed.
  • Improving the tutorial area.

Finally, we’d love to meet your friends! Tell them about Revn, and invite them to our Discord where they can request a key for the alpha.

Thank you for joining the Closed Alpha. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Silas Talley, Creative Director