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Dev Blog 19: Revn Closed Alpha has begun

By October 8, 2018No Comments

The closed alpha for Revn has begun! For many of you, this may be your first time checking out the Project Ambitious dev blog. Every week or two I write a blog post, detailing what we are working on, showing concept art and work-in-progress assets, or generally updating the community on the state of the game.

Last week, we announced the first ever closed alpha program for Revn. Previously known as Siege, Revn is a PvP team shooter that focuses on weapon crafting and fortress building, centered on defending and attacking player-built structures. With a dark futuristic setting, Revn is a post-cyberpunk world where remnants of a past age fight for factions that have arisen, some old, some new.

On Thursday October 4th we launched the alpha, sending out keys to our long time supporters in several waves. If you are in our Discord server and have the “Closed Alpha Tester” role but didn’t get your key, check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, you can contact me at or DM me and we’ll get it sorted out.

Update 0.0.1 is coming

To our alpha testers: your encouraging support, bug reports, and suggestions are what will push Revn to the next level of development. Utilizing your feedback, we are preparing Update 0.0.1, which will fix a number of the bugs you’ve found so far. It will also add several new mechanics, such as headshot multipliers and minor UI improvements. Update 0.0.1 will go live sometime between October 8th through the 12th.

If you don’t have an alpha key yet, you can apply at Our keys are sent out in waves of about 10, so grab some friends and encourage them to apply too!

Here’s a look at the new asset for the tutorial text in the AlphaTutorial map. We’re working to improve the tutorial, so keep sending us your ideas for how to improve it.

Tutorial text plaque asset

When is multiplayer coming? Soon! We want to find as many single player bugs as possible before adding multiplayer issues in the mix. We’d like to have it out before the end of October, but we can’t make any promises yet.

This past Friday, I showed some of the new features coming in Update 0.0.1 on my Twitch channel. I stream while working on the game, and you can always stop by and ask questions while I’m live. If you miss a stream, you can watch a recording on our YouTube channel here. In the last stream, I showed some multiplayer gameplay of Revn (and found some bugs while playing!).

Have fun playing the alpha, and keep sending us your bugs and suggestions,

Silas Talley
Creative Director of Revn at Project Ambitious LLC