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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.0.1

By October 9, 2018No Comments

Update 0.0.1 has been released. This is the first ever patch for Revn, and aims to fix a variety of bugs and make some small improvements to gameplay.

  1. Fixed bug where the ambient music would stop playing depending on where players were moving around the map. Music should now consistently play and loop.
  2. Disabled the Steam VR plugin, which was causing the Steam VR interface to automatically launch when the game is started, if it is installed. Revn is not a VR title! Credit goes to Gunschlinger for finding this.
  3. Accurate displays of what game version is running have been added
    1. Main menu displays the game version that is running, in small text below the game’s title card (upper left corner).
    2. Watermark displays the game version that is running
  4. Applied textures to some objects in alpha tutorial map that were missing textures. Thank you, Gunschlinger, for sending screenshots of these.
  5. Adjusted ramp asset to match corner ramp asset slope. The ramp and ramp corner meshes are now seamless.
  6. The following settings in the Settings Menu have been redesigned to give an indication of which option is active:
    1. Gameplay > Toggle Detailed Or Simplified Stats in HUD
  7. Reworked match start logic so that the game will wait 100 seconds, while checking if all players from the lobby have connected. If all players have connected, a 5 second countdown will begin before spawning players. If 100 seconds have elapsed, the game will start with whatever players are currently connected. This last part of the behavior will probably change in the future.
  8. Added a countdown to the UI when a match is starting showing seconds remaining before players will be spawned.
  9. Bullet tracers now dynamically scale their speed to match the distance that they need to travel. All weapons in Revn are currently hit-scan, so the glowing projectiles players see are only cosmetic. We reworked how they accelerate to look better for long distance shots, such as with sniper weapons.
  10. Added a border around gun mod listing buttons that only appears if that mod is currently equipped. Requested by Gunschlinger.
  11. Changed character jump velocity from 600 to 440. Based on our research, 440 results in a much more realistic jump height (600 lets a character jump his own height, and a 2 meter unassisted vertical jump is impossible for most humans). This also addresses the feedback we got from Jabett and other testers, that jumps feel too slow or “floaty”.
  12. Improved transitions between jump start, jump falling, and returning to previous animation state. Jumping onto a ledge or other surface before the jump_start animation finishes will instantly transition back to a standing / walking animation, instead of waiting for the jump_start animation to finish and then transition to jump_falling, which would THEN transition to jump_end, and THEN to the next state (idle / walking). This should fix situations where characters would “glide” across surfaces instead of walking.
  13. Floating instructional text in AlphaTutorial map has a new plaque art asset behind it now.
    1. Removed some redundant tutorial text regarding gun modding.
  14. Unified some of the color choices for walls in AlphaTutorial so that walls are blue or gray, while red is only used in the tutorial signs.
  15. Set max speed for spectator pawn to 0 so the camera is fixed and can’t be moved while waiting for the match to start.
  16. Headshots now deal critical damage.
    1. The default critical multiplier is currently 2x. We are working on making this a moddable stat for weapons.
    2. The hitflash will turn red when dealing critical damage.
  17. SniperBarrel damage increased from 15 to 25. Enjoy your oompf, Jabett.
  18. AutoShotgun barrel changes
    1. Changed FalloffIncrement from 4.7 to 50. The old value was far too small, and caused the gun to only deal damage at extremely close range.
    2. Removed the negative rate of fire stat. We are working on code that will let mods multiply stats by a percentage (currently, they can only add or subtract from a stat). When the new percentage system is ready, AutoShotgun will have a percentage penalty to rate of fire.
  19. Standard Burst barrel and Triple Burst barrel have had their burst delay shortened.
  20. Heavy Mag no longer has windup when used on a semi-auto weapon. The windup was causing the gun to freeze and become unusable. This bug should be fixed now. Please report any new instances of this problem.
  21. Fixed mod sync queue UI alignment problems by re-arranging the parts of the queue listings.
  22. Sped up the transition from walking to sprinting (and vice versa) by a factor of 3.
  23. Moved position of the Player Name / Change Username UI in MainMenu so it doesn’t clip with the Exit Game button

We would like to thank everyone who reported bugs and sent in suggestions. Keep them coming!