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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update Gear Progression

By December 23, 2018No Comments

Alpha Testers, its time for Update 0.2.0 to roll out. This update marks an important milestone in Revn’s development, with the addition of weapon and armor progression systems. You will notice that weapon mods and armor gear are now locked at the beginning of the match. By spending Metal, players can unlock gear from a crafting table before equipping it. Players can now equip any combination of gun mods that they have equipped. The “capacity” system has been removed from the game, to allow for more diverse weapon builds and vertical progression.

Balancing this new progression system is an ongoing process, and Update 0.2.0 is only the beginning. All gun mods have their cost set to 10 Metal, and each armor gear costs 20 Metal to unlock. In the near future, these costs will be adjusted to better reflect the relative power of items. We are listening to your feedback and will continue fine tuning these economies.

In the previous patch, Update 0.1.8, we laid the foundations for the gear progression system. We unified crafting costs to Metal, removed Metal Refineries, and replaced all Ore Zones with Metal Zones. We also added a base income of Metal for teams, even if they don’t control any Metal Zones.

Here are the full details on everything new in Update 0.2.0:

  1. Changed camera-shoulder-swap keybind to C (was Y)
  2. Gun modding menu now requires that players spend metal to unlock gun mods before equipping them
  3. Fixed bug where clients would spawn with more than 2 guns
  4. Players begin match with “rookie” weapon mods and armor gear unlocked:
    1. Novice Helmet, Novice Chest, Novice Legs, and Novice Gauntlets
    2. Short Barrel, Medium Barrel, Medium Shotgun Barrel, RV1, RV1-S, QuickMag, StandardMag, Iron sights, and 2x Scope
  5. Metal Cost to Unlock gear items is displayed in item tool-tip
  6. Removed “capacity” system. Any combination of gun mods can now be equipped
  7. “Locked” icon appears in UI for each gun mod to signify locked status
  8. Added Metal Resource inventory and income display to Gun Modding UI and Armor Modding UI
  9. HUD while in Drone while previewing building now says “10 seconds” for Time to Build, not just “10”
  10. Pressing “Launch Drone” key will now close all open menues
  11. Reworked capture meter progress bar for Raw Resource Zone and Capture Points to be part of HUD instead of a floating widget
  12. Medic Tower trigger box no longer blocks projectiles
  13. Fix for bug where clients’ death screen would never go away after respawning
  14. Target Dummies no longer have weapons or armor equipped as part of their spawn.
  15. Added Idle state to upper body for when character doesn’t have a weapon equipped
  16. Improved transition between Idle and Swapping Weapon upper body animations
  17. Created “Tank Dummy” who has 200 health, 50 shields, and Damage Resistance 20.
  18. Added Tank Dummies to tutorial map
  19. Refactored respawn code for target dummies. Dummies now respawn on their own 5 second timer, instead of a global timer.
  20. Re implemented crosshair hit flashes (they were removed in the last update when weapons were reworked to use projectiles)
  21. Added logic to weapons to prevent shooting and reloading when dead
  22. Armor mods now have metal cost needed to unlock before they can be equipped.
  23. Cost to unlock text display added to armor mod listing widget
  24. Updated tutorial text in Alpha Tutorial to be relevant to the new economy rework
  25. HUD “health bar overhead” now shows target dummy’s “UI Name” string.
  26. Reworked Armor modding menu to have consistent spacing / fill amount for available armor mods (similar to gun mod menu)
  27. Added logic to prevent players from building objects that overlap characters.
    1. Added system warning message for when players attempt to build objects that overlap characters.
  28. Added the “Seer Helmet”, which doubles Base Character’s “drone tether length” variable when equipped (Revn’s first passive ability).
  29. Ghost Chest Armor now lets players become invisible by using its ability
  30. Fixed multicast replication for bullet impact FX
  31. Added new muzzle flash, impact FX, and bullet particle FX
  32. Fixed bug where clients would see Weapon 2 as having the wrong mods equipped after spawning

The weekly community playtest will be happening on Wednesday, December 26th, at 5:00 pm EST. I look forward to playing with some of you then!

Silas Talley, Creative Director at Project Ambitious