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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.1.8 Projectile Weapon Rework

By December 16, 2018No Comments

Update 0.1.8 is now available. We’ve reworked all weapons in Revn to use a projectile hit-detection system instead of the hit-scan method previously employed. Some features, such as “reticule hit flashes” haven’t been included in this update, but we’re working on setting them up again.

This update also lays the groundwork for an in-match progression system and crafting economy rework. In this update, we’ve unified all costs to use “Metal” as the currency, and replaced “Raw Ore Zones” with “Metal Zones” that you can capture. Metal Refineries have been removed from the game. Overall stability of the resource collection system has been improved. In the future, we will be introducing Metal crafting costs for gun mods and armor pieces.

Here’s everything new in Update 0.1.8:

  1. Wraith Chest (jetpack ability) now uses the same cooldown system as Hermes boots, HUD now shows the time remaining on the cooldown
  2. Increased cooldown time for Wraith Chest jetpack from 3 seconds to 5 seconds
  3. Reloading animation added. Animation play rate scales to Reload Time stat of gun being reloaded
  4. Equip Rifle and Equip Pistol animations added. Animation play rate scales to TimeToEquip stat of gun being equipped
  5. Characters can no longer reload while swapping weapons
  6. Potential bug fix for Heavy Mag so that it will finally stop breaking guns when fired
  7. Guns now force reload after changing any magazine mod (in addition to if current ammo exceeds max ammo, in case a non-magazine mod modifies it)
  8. Weapons now use projectiles for hit detection
    1. Bullet speed is determined by Bullet Speed stat. Barrels are the primary source of this stat
      1. All barrels have had Bullet Speed set to 2000, except Sniper Barrel, which has 4000 Bullet Speed
    2. Bullets will self destruct after traveling the distance of FallOff Increment stat (in meters)
    3. Falloff damage reduction and headshots should work with projectiles
  9. Improved multishot spread calculations (shot gun spread). Should be more cone-shaped, and more accurately spread at varying distances. Thanks, panthre4!
  10. Fixed issue where In-HUD health bars for enemies / allies weren’t being triggered (issue with collision channels)
  11. Fixed some collision problems with projectile with Armory Node mesh and armory trigger box and raw resource trigger box
  12. Reworked all fort object classes to not use Ore as a spendable resource, instead using Metal (part of the Progression System Rework)
  13. Removed teleporters from list of buildable objects. We determined that they are too unstable in their current form, and need more work before we can test them again
  14. Removed Metal Refineries from list of buildable objects (part of Economy Rework)
  15. Replaced Ore Zones in all maps with Metal Zones
  16. Set default value for team Metal Income to 1 (was 0). Players will now always have a metal income, even if they control no zones

Thank you for participating in the Revn Closed Alpha! Your feedback is what makes Revn better with every update.