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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By January 7, 2019No Comments

Update 0.3.1 for Revn is now available. This is our first patch after introducing AI minions to the game, and we worked to improve them based on feedback from alpha testers. We also improved bullet spawning for clients, so gunplay should feel improved in this patch.

Here are the full patch notes:

  1. Adjusted size of open / close prompt trigger box for Door-Walls (made it smaller)
  2. Refactored Bullet Speed stat so that it measures in meters / second! Adjusted all barrel bullet speed modifiers to reflect this change (9000 became 900, etc)
  3. Implemented keybind remapping for actions (nothing yet for axis controls like walk forward / backward or mouse-look)
  4. Continued adding more buildings and structures to SmallMap as prototypes for level design
  5. Changed color of fort objects to a lighter shade of gray
  6. Capture point trigger volume no longer blocks projectile traces
  7. Made capture point trigger area bigger, made its static mesh smaller
  8. Increased RV3 damage stat to 5 (was 4.75)
  9. Increased RV4 damage stat to 6 (was 4.75)
  10. Refactored Change Move State event to use a sequence for calling Stop Reloading, Stop Aiming, Stop Shooting.
  11. Added a “switch weapon” button to Gun Modding UI
  12. Created “Recycle Minions” command for the command wheel. Use it to delete your minions from existence
  13. Minions now look towards the direction they are moving and sprint over long distances
  14. Created Hermes Chest (does exactly what Hermes Legs did)
  15. Hermes Legs is no longer available to unlock in matches
  16. AI will now grab blackboard values from other AI when they are spawned so that they automatically all have the same goals
  17. Players can now deploy their first minions while using drone (minions will use the Pilot Character reference from Drone to figure out where to spawn so that they are near the player)
  18. Refactored how bullets spawn: Server spawns a bullet at his location for muzzle, and multicasts “spawn bullet with this destination” to all clients, who will spawn a bullet that will then appear at their local location for muzzle, and then locally calculates rotation so that it reaches the same destination
  19. Fixed bug where client would only see 2 projectiles for shotguns when there should be more
  20. Enabled switching between different particle templates for Bullet Impact (No Hit, Character Hit, World Hit)
  21. Fixed bug where clients wouldn’t see server’s gun hit flash or even see bullets spawned, if the server was using FPS ADS mode
  22. Trying a new fix for Heavy Mag Windup breaking-your-gun-bug. StoppedShooting event in HeavyMag now calls “Refresh Stats” on the gun! Lets see if this works…
  23. Some buildings in SmallMap have no texture, and are indestructible. We are prototyping some new level design ideas, such as building parts of the map as destructible, and other parts as static.

And finally, here are some major bugs we are aware of and actively working on:

  1. Minions can’t navigate through player-built doorways
  2. Destroying all ground supports on some building configurations will crash the game
  3. Client players can’t see their resource inventories or incomes

Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting our weekly community playtest at 5:00 pm EST on Twitch. See you there!

Silas Talley, Creative Director