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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By January 14, 2019No Comments

Update for Revn is now available to closed alpha testers. We’ve made improvements to animations and AI minions, and continued balancing gun mods. Most importantly, we fixed a long standing bug that caused client players to lack information about their team and its resources.

Here’s the full list of everything in this patch:

  1. Axis control remapping now works (walking, drone ascend / descend)
  2. Updated warning text in Settings Menu: Keybinding Sub-Menu to warn players that there is no Reset Defaults button
  3. Added IK bones for character left hand aim animations to always stay on the gun
  4. Changed how gun-aim animations are blended with the rest of character’s animations
  5. Removed double-entry for Reload keybinding in Settings menu
  6. Adjusted rotation and location of right-hand-socket so that it might actually point the gun where the animation is trying to point it for aim animations
  7. New hip-fire aim animations
  8. AI Minions will now properly animate their gun animations to point the gun at where they are shooting
  9. New ironsights rifle aiming animations. Character will now switch between ironsights and hip aiming animations.
  10. Weapon Mod Changes
    1. Changed EquipTime on AutoShotgun Barrel from 5 to 2.5
    2. Changed Multishot spread from 4 to 20
    3. Changed FalloffIncrement from 50 to 12
    4. Changed Multishot Count from 6 to 8
    5. Changed EquipTime on LongShotgunBarrel from 2 to 3
    6. Changed Multishot Spread from 5 to 7
    7. Changed MultishotCount from 12 to 15
    8. Changed EquipTime on MediumShotgunBarrel from 1.5 to 2
    9. Changed MultishotSpread from 7 to 9
    10. Changed MultishotSpread on ShortShotgunBarrel from 8 to 13
    11. Changed FalloffIncrement from 50 to 10
    12. Changed MultishotCount from 6 to 10
    13. Changed BulletSpeed on SniperBarrel from 1100 to 1800
  11. Reworked Objective Zones and victory progress. Clients now see their team’s progress. UI will display a count of controlled objectives.
  12. Fixed bug where clients would see twice the actual damage dealt
  13. Capture Zone Meter in HUD now says “Zone Controlled” or “Zone in Conflict” when appropriate.
  14. Fixed bug where minions made people change to walking stance when shooting them
  15. Clients should no longer be able to spawn more than 5 minions (fixes bug where clients wouldn’t have an updated count of currently spawned minions)
  16. Refactored the Group with Me / Follow command to use the pilot character instead of the drone to set the AI Blackboard’s value for who to follow. Also, first minion is now ordered to Follow by default.
  17. Improved the Recycle Minions command to be more reliable
  18. Fixed massive bug that caused clients to not have a reference to their team on large-size maps such as SmallMap. This should fix a lot of UI bugs, such as clients not knowing what their resource income or inventory is. Clients should now see capture progress when capturing objectives and raw resource zones.

Our weekly community playtest schedule is changing! We’re changing to Wednesdays, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm EST for now, and may change again based on attendance levels. Hope to see you there,

Silas Talley, Creative Director