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Patch Notes for Update and Roadmap

By February 11, 2019No Comments

A new update for Revn is now available. Patch includes a rework of minion AI on LaneMap. When playing on LaneMap, minions will now spawn in waves, and then advance down their designated lane. When they encounter a zone in conflict, an enemy zone to capture, or an enemy character, they will stop movement, and attack or defend. We’ve also taken your feedback on LaneMap, and used it to improve map design. The map has been narrowed, and longer walls now segment areas into pathways.

Another set of fixes for gunplay are also included in this update. Character movement acceleration has been doubled, based on feedback that character movement felt sluggish. Camera transitions between shoulders, aiming, and crouching, are smoothed out. And projectiles should no longer be able to collide with the character firing a weapon. Additionally, switching between third and first person will now better align your crosshairs.

Finally, this update is the first part of a gear system rework. Passive gear has been added to the game. Passive gear is equipped in any of 4 slots, and grants stats or passive traits to your character. Currently, there are only a few items designed, but we’re working on more. Active abilities, such as the riot shield or jump-pack, have been disabled for this update. They will return after we’ve tested the new passive gear system. The goal here is for active abilities to be equipped independently of passive stats and traits. We’ve reworked the armor crafting UI to reflect this upcoming change.

Here are the full patch notes for Update

  1. LeavingBattleZone no longer blocks projectile objects with its collision box.
  2. Started reworking gear crafting UI
  3. Changed BaseCharacter movement acceleration and deceleration to 2048 (default Unreal acceleration units)
  4. Narrowed LaneMap and started moving things around
  5. Characters can no longer deploy drones when the character is dead! Very important, because if they did, it completely breaks respawning
  6. Characters can no longer reload when dead
  7. Projectiles now ignore collisions with the gun that fired it and the person carrying that gun.
  8. Drone Tether UI is now displayed in meters. Also moved its location in the HUD from upper right to lower center-right
  9. Added warning message that prevents players from crafting an armor item for a slot that an identical item is already equipped in
  10. Removed old resource displays from drone HUD (Oil, Ore, Plastic), leaving only Metal and Time To Build
  11. Resource Zone mesh is now a rock. Status arrow now only appears when a zone has resources. Drill now uses the “pylon” mesh
  12. Fixed replication bugs with Resource Zone Status Arrows.
  13. EquippedArmorListing should now be manually set to the proper ArmorClass on clients immediately after an item is equipped, since they can’t wait for the server to update in time to tell them what their newly equipped item is
  14. LaneMinions will now march down the lanes!
  15. Set collision complexity on lane Tower mesh so it doesn’t have invisible walls
  16. Minions will now stop to defend / attack an objective zone if there is conflict or if it is an enemy zone.
  17. Color coded lane minions based on what team they are on (red and blue)
  18. Players now begin the match with Medium Plating and Light Shielding as defaults in their Retained Armors in PlayerState, so they will have those stats as their starting stats and gear
  19. Lane Minions will now stop moving if they detect an enemy
  20. Switching to first person mode will match crosshairs to what you were looking at in third person.
  21. Switching to third person mode will match crosshairs to what you were looking at in first person.
  22. Changing between camera shoulders has been smoothed out.
  23. Aiming over the shoulder (third person aiming) now changes the camera boom target length instead of changing the relative offset of the camera. Should fix some bugs with cameras clipping into walls while player is aiming in third person.
  24. Transitioning to or from crouching now smoothly lerps the camera up and down instead of snapping it

The weekly¬†Revn community playtest will take place on Wednesday, February 13th, at 5:00 pm Eastern. I’d like to thank everyone who attended last week’s playtest, it was quite productive!


Here’s a short roadmap of the features we are working on at the moment:

  1. Rework active abilities to be used in the new gear system.
  2. Rework gun modding UI to look and function similarly to armor modding UI (slots on left side of screen, crafting options in center of screen, and stats on right side of screen)
  3. Build-able turrets
  4. Minion AI combat improvements: checking line of fire and moving to establish it, and pursuing enemies for short distances within lane.
  5. Adding more lanes to LaneMap. Code needs to be refactored to support more than one lane.