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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By February 18, 2019No Comments

Another week, another update for Revn! Update 0.3.7 is now available for closed alpha testers to download and play. This update mainly focuses on feedback from our testers. Weapon bullet speed has been doubled on almost all weapons. We fixed bugs related to and made improvements to minions, lanes, and collecting resources.

Looking at the roadmap we published in our last post, I’m happy that we got turrets into this build. I decided it was time to restart from scratch, and quickly coded this working prototype for them. The old ones were overly complicated, and had too many bugs to put into an alpha build of the game. The old turrets utilized our weapon code, but our weapon code assumes that a character is holding the weapon in order to fire it. This meant that turrets needed to spawn an invisible character to manage the weapon, resulting in a build-able object that spawned a character with a gun, and then attempted to tie them all together. As you can imagine, this didn’t work at all. This new system bypasses all those problems, by spawning bullets directly from the turret itself.

Here are the full patch notes for Update 0.3.7:

  1. Lane minions now strafe a short distance to a random point if they don’t have a line of fire to their aggro target
  2. Lane minions will stop shooting as soon as agro target dies
  3. Resource zones now detect any characters waiting inside the trigger area when they become active (filled with resources)
  4. Changed mesh for lock down objectives so that minions can walk on top of it (used the Follower Spawner mesh instead of the Tower mesh)
  5. Trimmed up some overhanging outer walls on Lane Map
  6. SettingsMenu: Resolution Scale: User inputted numbers are now clamped between 25 and 200
  7. Fixed bug where clients would see minions spawned twice (with the second copy being spawned in the middle of the map)
  8. Hud now has cheat sheet for “z – deploy drone” and “C – swap shoulders” and a resource display for Metal income and inventory
  9. Changed bullet speed on barrels as follows:
    1. AutoShotgun to 800 (was 400)
    2. F34 Pistol to 1200 (was 600)
    3. Heavy Cannon to 200 (was 100)
    4. Long Barrel to 1800 (was 900)
    5. Long Shotgun to 800 (was 400)
    6. MediumBarrel to 1800 (was 800)
    7. Medium Shotgun to 800 (was 400)
    8. Short barrel to 1200 (was 600)
    9. Short shotgun to 800 (was 400)
    10. Sniper to 4500 (was 4000)
    11. Standard Burst to 1800 (was 900)
    12. Triple Burst to 1800 (was 900)
    13. WeakMediumBarrel (Minions) to 1000 (was 900)
  10. Created new “BaseTurret” buildable objects that fire explosive projectiles at nearby enemies every 2 seconds
  11. Improved HUD UI for Zone Capture Status display. It will now tell players if a captured zone was friendly or allied before it was captured
  12. Set the victory progress bars in HUD to hidden since we’re changing over to the new Lane objectives
  13. Gun Mods now RepNotify when changed, which triggers the player controller to refresh the UI. Should fix bugs where players sometimes would see the wrong mods in the UI compared to what they actually had equipped
  14. Characters respawning with the Drone Range Booster item equipped in their first passive slot will no longer spawn with the wrong amount of health or shields.
  15. Players who are killed by minions or die for any other reason will now trigger a killfeed event stating “Player X died”
  16. Victory / Defeat text has been reworked to specify if you were on the winning or losing team
  17. Added “Heavy Resistance Plating”, a passive item with lots of Damage Resistance

I’ll be hosting a community playtest on Wednesday at 5:00 pm Eastern, see you there!

Silas Talley, Creative Director