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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By March 4, 2019No Comments

Update 0.3.9 will be released on Monday, March 3. This patch focuses on match balance and UI / UX improvements. It also adds several new abilities, including our first ever “support” abilities to heal yourself and nearby allies. A wide variety of menus and mechanics have been adjusted, so be sure to check out all the patch notes below for more details:


Characters will resume sprinting after aiming if sprint key (Left Shift) is still being pressed


  1. Refactored bullets to better ignore collisions with person carrying the gun that fired them. Grenade Throwing ability no longer does friendly fire and now ignores collisions with the person who used the ability
  2. Increased damage on Turrets to 20 (was 5). Increased splash damage to 20 (was 5). Increased Splash Radius to 400 (was 100). Turrets now will kill a player in 3 direct hits, or 4 indirect splash hits.
  3. Created “drone cooldown timer”
  4. Main Menu Landing screen now has button to join our Discord server and another button to open up the patch notes website in your default web browser.
  5. Reworked shield delay stat on gear to be a multiplier instead of additive.
    1. Created Small Shield Charger passive item that halves shield delay and increases recharge rate. Heavy Shielding now doubles the delay.
  6. Armor Tooltips now show Shield Regen Delay Multiplier stat
  7. Armor Listing now shows UI Name underneath button
  8. Improved alignment of armor listings in the available armor section of the armor modding menu
  9. Improved alignment of Equipped Armor Listings
  10. Added Small Mana Generator to the default retained armor mods so that players have a mana item when they spawn
  11. Created JumpJet active ability gear item.
  12. Created Healing Burst ability – heals nearby allies for 10 health (including self)
  13. Created Healing Aura ability – heals nearby allies 10 HP every 1 second for 3 seconds (duration)
  14. Triple Burst barrel falloff stat changed to 180 (was 1800 by mistake)
  15. Increased time to capture an objective.
  16. Characters now have a mesh underneath their armor
  17. Increased number of minions per wave to 10 (was 5)
  18. Reworked HUD for ammo / magazine count displays
  19. Changed rookie assault rifle to use RV3 (was RV1)
  20. Made improvements to Ability Bar and Health / Shields / Mana displays in HUD. Crosshairs are now hidden when character is dead or if no valid character is found. Health / Shields / Mana bars are hidden if no valid character is found or if the controlled character has a 0 in the stat
  21. Placed some Turrets for each zone on the map when match begins
  22. Increased TimeBeforeFirstMinionWave to 60 seconds (was 10)
  23. Fixed bug where base turrets could deal friendly fire even if aggroed on an enemy
  24. Added an armory node to each team’s side of Lane Map
  25. Added agro laser beam particle system to BaseTurrets
  26. Updated LobbyCharacter to use the new armor mesh and to use new animation poses (standing aiming down sights, and crouching aiming)
  27. Fixed bug where clients would see large stocked-weapons holster on hips as if they were pistols.
  28. Darkened the GunMetalGray material
  29. Adjusted standard boom length of base character primary camera boom to 200 (was 300).
  30. If player is pressing a sprint button when they stop aiming, they will resume sprinting (check out the GIF)
  31. Created Constrictor Receiver – reduces multi-shot spread and increases effective range of weapon
  32. Reworked Weapon Stats to apply additive modifiers before multiplicative modifiers.
  33. Renamed “FalloffIncrement” weapon stat to “Effective Range”
  34. Updated keybind list to support rebinding of FirstAbility – ThirdAbility actions, deprecated “HelmetAbility”, “Chest Ability”, etc.
  35. Grenade throwing ability now has a basic visualizer so players can see where they are aiming the grenade. Also made improvements to how the grenade trajectory is calculated
  36. Improved gun modding UI (new borders, transparencies, font sizes)
  37. Fixed bug where server player wouldn’t see gun stat box refresh after equipping a new mod because RepNotify apparently doesn’t get called on server reliably.
  38. Active Gun mod listings got tooltips now
  39. Added background blur and adjusted position of the resource display in gun modding UI

The weekly playtest will be on Wednesday at 5:00 pm EST, see you there!

Silas Talley, Creative Director

Known Issues

  1. Widow Scope is broken. Aiming with it will halve your rate of fire permanently, and if you aim multiple times your RoF will approach zero.