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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update Gunplay Netcode Rework

By March 10, 2019No Comments

Update 0.3.10 is here! What’s new in this patch, you ask. Over 40 change-lists were tracked internally, so there should be quite a lot of balance tweaks. But the main changes are happening to net-code surrounding gunplay. Clients with high ping should experience much more responsive gunplay. There is a small chance these changes will break everything for multiplayer. In that case, we are prepared to rollback those net-code changes and push a mid-week patch to address the issues until we can solve the new net-code’s problems. Hopefully, this isn’t needed, and everyone enjoys smoother combat in Revn. If these changes are successful, we will be making similar changes to sprinting and ability usage in the future.

Another change you might notice is that our cel-shading post processing shader has been updated. There were some last minute complications with the new shader, so if you have any feedback on how we can improve it, let us know!

Here’s the full patch notes:

  1. Fixed bug where aiming with the Widow Scope equipped would permanently halve a gun’s rate of fire. Also tweaked the “while aiming” modifiers to be 50% rate of fire, +1 semi-auto, +25% effective range.
  2. Reworked lane objectives to allow for multiple lanes! Added 2 more lanes to LaneMap (top / bottom if you’re coming from a traditional MOBA).
    1. These “side lanes” don’t have build-zones yet, only objectives and starter towers. Build zones for these lanes are probably coming in the next patch. We’re looking at ways to improve the objective and build zone system.
  3. Changed drone tether length to 50 meters (was 100 m)
  4. Increased resource payload to 100 metal (was 50)
  5. Changed character move speed multiplier when standing+aiming to 0.75 (was 0.5)
  6. Changed sprint multiplier to 1.5 (was 2)
  7. Changed Hermes ability – speed multiplier is now 1.5 (was 2), duration is now 7 (was 5)
  8. Added “mod category description” text to gun modding UI
  9. Increased Metal Cost for all gun mods. Most are now 100 metal instead of 10 metal, while the more powerful ones have increased to 150 or 200 metal.
  10. Increased some passive armor item metal costs
  11. Added a ping and FPS display to the HUD
  12. Set UI Name on BaseTurret to “Basic Turret”. Increase Metal Cost to 200 (was 100). Increased Build Time to 20 seconds (was 5)
  13. Scrolling between building options is no longer inverted
  14. Increased time that killfeed listings stay visible to 10 seconds (was 5)
  15. Fixed bug where clients would double-spawn resource drills
  16. Fixed bug where clients HUD wouldn’t tell them about the drone cooldown (which is 15 seconds by the way)
  17. Nerfed the Damage Overload ability
    1. Damage overload now costs 100 metal.
    2. Costs 30 mana to activate.
    3. Cooldown increased to 20 seconds
    4. Damage Overload ability now deals 5 damage to wearer every second that the ability is active (5 second duration).
  18. Increased cooldown on Healing Burst and Healing Duration to 20 seconds.
  19. Changed Heal Duration ability mana cost to 50
  20. Bullet Speed changes:
    1. Sniper Barrel to 8000 (was 4500)
    2. Long Barrel, Medium Barrel, Triple Burst, Standard Burst to 3600 (was 1800)
    3. Heavy Rocket Barrel to 500
    4. Doubled bullet speed on pistol barrels (now 2400)
    5. Doubled bullet speed on Shotgun barrels (now 1600),
    6. Minion “weak barrel” bullet speed upped to 1500 (was 1000)
  21. The big gunplay net-code change:
    1. Refactored weapon start / stop shooting events so that player triggers a local event and then tells server to multicast to everyone else.
    2. Players will now see their weapon start / stop firing immediately, regardless of ping
    3. There may be more discrepancies between what the player and the server see (and thus what shots are counted as hits / misses), so testing and feedback is critical!
  22. Base Turret agro-laser toggle on / off should be more reliable. Might fix bug where clients see the laser pointing to world origin when it should be turned off. Feedback needed
  23. Non-scoped weapons can no longer aim in first person. When a scope is equipped, weapon is put into FPS mode by default (can be toggled back to TPS with “V” or other keybind)
  24. Updated AlphaTutorial map to explain the current resource collecting system
  25. Disabled the “magazine” system. Guns no longer check if character has enough mags before reloading. Disabled the mag regen progress bars in the HUD. We’re discussing different ways to rework the ammo system moving forward, so this might be a temporary system.
  26. Lobby Menu now checks if (number of teams in game state == 2) instead of if (number of teams in game state > 0). This might help with bug where clients only see Team 0 in the lobby. Feedback needed
  27. Changes to minion waves
    1. Reduced minions per wave to 7 (was 10).
    2. Increased minion health to 100 (was 50)
  28. Adjusted blue / red team colors (more subdued now), tweaked some of the color options (and added some new ones) for player characters
  29. Changed the default colors for BaseCharacter to be dark grey (with black under-armor)
  30. Reduced DamageResistance on passive items:
    1. HeavyPlating to 10 (was 20)
    2. MediumPlating to 5 (was 10)
    3. Heavy Resistance Plating to 15 (was 30)
  31. Reworked cel-shading post-processing shader. Non-emissive materials are now shaded with 3 (maybe 4?) banded LUT-determined cel-shading. This should improve the appearance of objects that are within shadow-covered areas of the map, by adding mid-tones to the shader output.

Alright, that’s it for Update 0.3.10. Let us know what bugs you find, and I look forward to playing with you on Wednesday at 5:00 pm EST for our weekly community playtest and live stream.

Silas Talley, Creative Director