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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.3.12

By March 25, 2019No Comments

This week, we’ve got another fairly large update for Revn. Update 0.3.12 has over seventy internally tracked changes, outlined below. The standout features of this update are several new abilities and an item upgrade system. Of course, Update 0.3.12 has plenty of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, too.

Build zone boundaries added to clearly indicate where players can build

Full patches are below:

  1. Added drop shadow to health bar overhead UI player name text
  2. Hermes ability now displays warning when character doesn’t have enough Mana
  3. Solved bug where Recalling doesn’t retain any weapon or armor mods that weren’t retained by dying
  4. Added Invisibility Cloak Ability (similar to old ghost chest ability)
    1. Character can’t fire weapons while invisible
    2. Character can end the ability before the duration ends
  5. New mesh and new texture for riot shield (semi-sphere)
  6. Added Chilling Blast ability
    1. Fires a projectile that applies Slowed status to enemies that it hits with its splash radius on impact.
    2. Slowed will reduce base move speed by 80%
  7. Moved final objective down to touch the ground, a player was able to walk under its edge and get stuck.
  8. Changed receiver names to (was):
    1. Venom RV-1 (RV1)
    2. Viper RV-2 (RV2)
    3. Cobra RV-3 (RV3)
    4. Grizzly RV-4 (RV4)
    5. Wildcat SV-1 (RV1-S)
    6. Hellcat SV-2 (RV2-S)
    7. SuperCharger SCV-1 (CR1 Rail Charger)
    8. Constrictor SC-2 (Constrictor)
  9. Created new “status effect” HUD icon area (just above character abilities and health bar)
  10. Equipping armor will no longer call End-Duration event on previously equipped armor if the duration is not active.
  11. Drones recalled or exceeding tether now have 50% of cooldown (7.5 seconds) while drones that are killed get 100% of cooldown (15 seconds)
  12. Heavy Cannon Barrel changes:
    1. Damage to 17 (was 100)
    2. Splash Damage to 5 (was 50)
    3. Added “Reload Time +10%” modifier stat
  13. Solved nav-mesh problem where AI can’t navigate to final objective because one of the environment floors is too thick
  14. Heavy Magazine changes:
    1. Windup Time shortened from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds
    2. Windup curve has been given more acceleration in the beginning, causing weapon to spin up to half-speed quickly and then finish spinning up over the remainder of the 2.5 seconds
  15. Damage Overload ability’s damage multiplier changed to 2 (was 4)
  16. Last-hitting on a lane minion will now give a player 10 Metal
  17. Reduced splash damage on SingleShotExplosiveMag to 10 (was 50)
  18. Created “Armor Piercing” weapon stat. Armor Piercing is subtracted from Damage Resistance (minimum resulting DR of 0) before DR is subtracted from Damage Taken to Health.
    1. Heavy Cannon Barrel now has Armor Piercing 10.
    2. Single Shot Explosive Mag now has Armor Piercing 10.
  19. Increased shield regen delay on Tough Target Dummy to 5 seconds (was 1 second)
  20. Turret changes:
    1. Turrets now check if detected characters have a team before marking them as enemies. If a character doesn’t have a valid team, turret will assume the character JUST spawned and hasn’t set their team variable yet, and that the character is presumed friendly.
    2. Turrets now immediately fire at first fresh agro-ed target, then have a 2 second cooldown before firing their next shot. If no enemies are left, the 2 second cooldown finished and then the turret is ready to fire immediately at the next detected enemy.
  21. Resource Extractors (“Drills”) will now give a system message to all team players when the payload cycle has finished (“100 Metal has been gained from Payload”)
  22. Killing Lane Minions now has a System Message (“10 Metal gained from killing minion”)
  23. System Message system now allows certain Messages to be repeated on screen (resource events)
  24. System message text now white instead of gold
  25. Changed the mesh for Turret to a shorter, “hexagon” placeholder that is closer to the scale the object should have
  26. Fixed bug with Build Zone math that incorrectly allowed players to build outside of the zone
  27. Possible fix for floating bullets bug – RepNotify for BarrelMod, ScopeMod, etc, no longer calls RefreshStats. Seems that clients are seeing a bullet speed stat of 0 for these guns that fire floating bullets.
  28. New visualization art for Build Zone boundaries
  29. Created Armor Item Upgrade system. Players can level up their passive items and active abilities by spending Metal in the Armor menu. Upgrades can be purchased from anywhere on the map (no crafting table required). Higher level items grant more health, deal more damage, or apply status effects for longer, but cost more Mana to cast.
    1. Not all items can be leveled up in this update
    2. Not all levels are available for all items in this update
    3. Tooltips for leveled up items don’t display the increased stats in this update
  30. Created the following upgraded level items:
    1. Heavy Plating Level 2 and Level 3
    2. Mana Generator Level 2 and Level 3
    3. Grenade Thrower Level 2 and Level 3
    4. ChillingBlast Level 2 and Level 3
    5. Poison Dart Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4
  31. Removed MediumManaGenerator item (replaced with SmallManaGeneratorT2)
  32. Riot Shield now has Damage Resistance 10
  33. Reduced Minions Per Wave to 5 (was 7)
  34. CancelBuildPreview Client event is now Reliable, might fix bug where player can exit drone and stay in build mode
  35. Placing resource drills now gives the player who placed the drill 15 metal, to compensate for not being in Lane killing minions and getting metal for last-hitting
  36. Reworked turret to use AI Perception component to detect enemies. Turrets should now check line-of-sight when agro-ing, and have better enemy detection overall
  37. Adjusted some collision channel settings so characters, drones, and resource zone colliders now ignore the BuildingSupport collision channel. Should fix bug where players could build objects mid-air by using drones or characters as a ground-surface
  38. Small improvements to Cosmetic Color picker UI and UX so it should close itself when parent menues are closed (although this UI still needs more work)
  39. Disabled “customize cosmetics” button in Main Menu (not a functional menu yet)
  40. Created Poison Dart ability and corresponding Poisoned status effect
    1. Fire a projectile that deals damage-over-time to the target
  41. Made changes to character walking animation speed logic. Animations should now play at full speed in all situations
  42. Reduced Recall channel time to 7 seconds (was 10)

Known Issues:

  1. (Possible bug, needs testing) Pre-placed turrets in LaneMap don’t always agro on enemies. Might be a problem with how they were placed in the level. Haven’t had any problems with player-built turrets. Please report (with screenshots) any turrets that don’t agro properly.

Thanks for being a part of the Revn closed alpha. I look forward to playing with you on Wednesday for our weekly community playtest stream.

Silas Talley, Creative Director