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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By March 17, 2019No Comments

Its time for another update for Revn! We’re currently a bit overwhelmed by your feedback, and we’re doing our best to work through the backlog of tasks. This update is primarily visual, although it also adds a new ability (riot shield), and a new mechanic (recall). Also, turrets are now given immunity when not agro-ed on an enemy. We also worked to fix some problems with projectiles getting frozen mid-air, turret agro lasers not turning off, and added build-zones to the side lanes in LaneMap. Finally, SmallMap was removed from the map list in the Lobby. This map has served its purpose, and we’re focusing development on LaneMap right now. Will we bring back SmallMap? Probably not for a while, unless we need to test some mechanic in a large open environment.

Full patch notes are below:

  1. Reduced metal-ness on Fort Metal material
  2. Tripled the size of lane objectives. Adjusted minion waypoints to compensate
  3. Adjusting lighting in LaneMap, made the sky grey
  4. Changed out mesh for BaseTurret to look more like a turret.
  5. Splashed some new textures around LaneMap
  6. Disabled “crosshairs turn red when looking at enemy” system
  7. Victory / Defeat message now plays for 30 seconds (was 5).
  8. Splash damage now filters to make sure each hit result has line of sight to the impact point of the bullet. This fixes bug where splash damage could be applied through walls or other objects that should have blocked it. (Turrets were the most notable instance of this bug, but all splash damage was bugged)
  9. Started proto-typing a subtitle system.
  10. Removed Small Map from Lobby map selection screen
  11. Reworked Main Play menu
  12. Improved and implemented Loading Screen widget as part of loading a lobby from main menu
  13. Quickplay UI now hides the “search button” while searching for sessions
  14. Refactored “Server Menu” (AKA quickplay) to be part of the Big Widget Switcher in MainMenu. MainPlayMenu now switches the BigWidgetSwitcher to show the ServerMenu, instead of creating a new widget and adding to viewport. Should be much smoother (and better performance, maybe?)
  15. Created “Character Recall” mechanic and UI. New mapping for Character Recall is “B”
    1. Move-forward / move-right inputs cancel character recall
    2. Recalling takes 10 seconds to channel
  16. Improved minion AI perforamnce by increasing behavior tree check intervals to 1 (or 1.5) second (was 0.5 second)
  17. Added subtitle event for low mana and cancelling recall
  18. Turrets now turn off their hitbox when fully operational and NOT agro-ed on an enemy.
    1. Agro-ing toggles the hitbox on, and when agro is lost, hitbox goes away.
    2. Hitbox is on while the turret is under construction (before “BecomeOperational” event is called)
  19. BaseTurret AgroTarget variable now has a RepNotify function to toggle Agro Beam on / off. Might fix bug where clients see the agro laser point to world origin bc they’ve lost a valid agro target.
  20. added build zones to side lanes (top / bot lanes)
  21. Refactored projectiles to use the built-in “set lifetime” functionality instead of “check distance traveled” to destroy them if they’ve traveled for too long. Might fix bug where clients see bullets floating in the air
  22. Increased Grenade Thrower’s grenade to have a bullet speed of 3000 (was 2000), and an effective range (falloff stat) of 10000 (to be used with the new “set lifetime” of bullets node to make sure the grenade doesn’t dissappear mid-throw)
  23. Re-implemented riot-shield ability
  24. Riot Shield ability now prevents shooting while it is active.
  25. Darkened color of energy shield material.
  26. Adjusted minion waypoints and added some new environment art to LaneMap

Known Issues:

  1. Using the new Recall mechanic will not retain your character’s weapon and armor upgrades / modifications.
  2. Clients holding LMB (fire gun input) while activating Riot Shield will continue to see their weapon fire, even though it isn’t firing on server (related to the net-code changes in last update)
  3. Clients holding LMB (fire gun input) while starting to sprint will continue to see their weapon fire, even though it isn’t firing on server (related to the net-code changes in last update)

Alright, that’s it for Update 0.3.11. Let us know what bugs you find, and I look forward to playing with you on Wednesday at 5:00 pm Eastern for our weekly community playtest and live stream.

Silas Talley, Creative Director