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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.3.16

By April 23, 2019No Comments

The road to Update 0.3.16 has had more than its fair share of set backs. There have been numerous bugs that came up during its development. Mainly, however, this patch is about item balance. We also worked on improving the Flamethrower ability from last week’s patch.

Full patch notes:

  1. Added Weapon Damage Booster passive item (adds 10% weapon damage)
  2. Starting pistol now uses Standard Mag (was Quick Mag)
  3. Added Weapon Damage Booster passive item to the starting passive mods for players
  4. Gun Stats UI now shows “actual” damage stat, in addition to parenthesis with (Gun Base Damage x Character Basic Dmg Multiplier)
  5. Leaderboard (Player Stats) Toggle is now in keybinding settings menu
  6. Added a 2x multiplication to distance falloff math, so that the first half of a weapon’s effective range will always deal full damage, and the remaining distance will fall off more sharply
  7. Abilities now display a subtitle warning when player attempts to use one that is still on cooldown
  8. Shooting is now prevented while using a flamethrower
  9. Added Poison Cloud grenade ability
  10. Proximity Mine Duration increased to 20 (was 10 seconds), Cooldown length increased to 8 (was 5 seconds)
  11. Minion Power Level Changes
    1. Health per power level reduced to 5 (was 10)
    2. Removed shields from minions
    3. Metal Reward for killing a minion now increases by 1 per power level
  12. New art asset for resource terminals
  13. Updated names for magazine mods
  14. Changed text for UI when placing a resource extractor to “Hacking Terminal” (was “Placing Drill”)
  15. Fire blast (flamethrower) can now be toggled off early by player
  16. Added Level 4 and 5 to Heal Burst, Heal Aura, and Invisibility Cloak
  17. Buffed Healing abilities
  18. Added an “Ability Silencing” ability. Similar to Stunning Stomp, this ability will disable all nearby enemy abilities and prevent them from being activated.
  19. Characters will now resume sprinting after they stop shooting, if Sprint key is still pressed down
  20. Fireblast now prevents sprinting while flamethrower is active
  21. Increased Time Before First Minion Wave to 180 Seconds (was 60 seconds).
  22. Reduced Health and Damage Resistance on Target Dummies
  23. Created additional passive item tiers. Some do not have improved stats (yet)

Known Issues:

  1. Some sort of frame rate skipping is occurring approximately every 1-5 seconds. We are looking into it.

Thank you for your patience while we worked on developing this patch. We will be playtesting it tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:00 PM EST.