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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update Item Selling and Gun Recoil

By April 29, 2019No Comments

We’ve released update 0.3.17 for Revn. This patch introduces item selling as a system for players to adapt their play style if they find themselves with the wrong load out. We are also experimenting with some gun recoil on several weapons in this update, so let us know how they feel.

Detailed patch notes:

  1. Implemented a rough prototype for weapon recoil
    1. Medium barrel, short barrel, and sniper barrel each have a recoil pattern. Other weapons will have recoil added after we test these first 3.
  2. Added Item Selling button to Armor Modding UI.
    1. Players can refund an ability or passive item for 50% of its crafting cost (non-cumulative)
    2. Selling must be done manually. Items are not yet automatically sold when a new item is equipped in its place
  3. Killing a character now removes all of their vision from their team
  4. Adjusted gun-scope offset on 2x scope to fix clipping issues
  5. Chilling Blast level 4 and 5 added

We will have our weekly Wednesday playtest at 5:00 PM EST as usual this week. See you there!