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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

Update 0.3.19 is now available. The cel shader has been reworked, and lighting / shadows should look a lot better for all maps in Revn. Two objectives have been added to each lane, one for each team, bringing the total to 3 zones per lane, and one final zone. For quality of life, items are now auto-sold when removed.

Full patch notes:

  1. New art asset for lane objectives
  2. Fixed collision on statue mesh
  3. Improved cel-shader
  4. Reworked particle effects for weapon muzzles, bullets, bullet impacts, etc
  5. Reworked lighting
  6. Fixed text for Leaderboard “Total Metal”
  7. Purchasing an armor item now auto-sells the existing item in the slot
  8. Removed 15x scope from game
  9. Fixed rotation of starter turrets in Lane Map
  10. Player characters now have a baseline health stat
  11. All players (especially clients) now match their control rotation to their spawn rotation when re-spawning
  12. Weapon mod changes
    1. Triple Burst damage increased to 7 (was 5)
    2. Standard Burst damage increased to 8 (was 6)
    3. Medium Shotgun equip time reduced to 1.3 (was 2 seconds)
    4. Long Shotgun equip time reduced to 1.5 (was 2 seconds)
  13. Medic bubble “Sphere” now hidden until it becomes operational
  14. The following passive item upgrade tiers have been fixed to actually improve stats
    1. Heavy resistance plating
    2. Cool-down reducer
    3. Nano-weave
    4. Medium plating
    5. Heavy Shielding
    6. Light Shielding
    7. Poisoned Rounds
    8. Puncturing Rounds
    9. Small Mana Generator
    10. Seer Range Booster
  15. Resource terminals now update their LED panel colors to either Red or Blue depending on if it belongs to an enemy or ally team
  16. Weapons can now have a Mobility stat, which affects how fast a character will move while holding it.
    1. Short barrel is currently the only gun mod with a Mobility stat (+20% move speed)
  17. New falling animation loop
  18. New wall art asset
  19. Reworked character armor materials
  20. Decreased Turret time to build to 30 seconds (was 40)
  21. Characters now have a baseline mana regen of +1 per second
  22. Metal Inventory Cap increased to 10,000 (was 1,000).
    1. This will probably eliminate it for most strategic purposes. This is an experiment to see if a metal cap is necessary.
  23. Added additional lane objectives to Lane Map
  24. Game Mode should now attempt to reassign all players if a player disconnects during the lobby

The Wednesday playtest will be moved to Tuesday @ 5:00 PM Eastern. See you there!