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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.3.18

Update 0.3.18 is now available! This patch prototypes player account progression, and adds an End Screen to each match.

Detailed patch notes:

  1. Updating some text that referenced Drills and Rocks, changed to “Terminals” and “Hacking”
  2. Created a prototype for player account progression and currency systems.
    1. Players earn 100 coins for winning a match, and 50 coins for a loss.
    2. Coins are displayed in Main Menu, underneath username
    3. Coins can not be spent on anything yet
    4. Player progression will be wiped repeatedly throughout the Closed Alpha. We will notify players in the Discord server, and on Twitter @ambitiousdevs when we are planning to reset account progress.
  3. Optimized performance by removing some old code loops for deprecated systems.
  4. Created Match End Screen
    1. Displays each team’s players, and their kills, deaths, minion kills, and Total Metal Earned.
    2. “Continue” button will take players back to Main Menu.
    3. If Host Player returns to Main Menu, all other players will be disconnected.
  5. Re-enabled some loading screens
  6. Added additional upgrade tiers for more ability items
  7. Fixed bug where dying minions / players would remove friendly characters from their team state’s minmap Vision
  8. Reduced damage on Heavy Cannon Barrel to 8 (was 12)
  9. Reduced recoil on sniper barrel
  10. Reworked gun stat UI to show “Semi Automatic” instead of “Semi Auto 1” when a weapon is semi auto
  11. Moved the Build Cost display in HUD and changed up some of the text placement for it.
  12. Armor Tooltip now rounds off percentages to 3 decimal places
  13. Leaderboard now shows local player their Total Earned Metal

Thanks for being a part of the Revn Closed Alpha. We’re shifting focus onto art for the next few weeks, so keep an eye on our social media and Discord server for concept art reveals and #ScreenshotSaturday. At the same time, we’ll be working to improve the player account progression system we implemented in this patch.

We’ll be hosting a playtest on Wednesday at 5:00 PM Eastern. See you on the battlefields of Revn!