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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

This will be the last patch within the 0.3.X.X alpha milestone. The next patch will be designated as 0.4.0.X, to mark a recent milestone. We’re upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.22 for the next patch. This upgrade will give us more shader capabilities, in addition to a host of other features.

Now, for the details on Update 0.3.22:

  1. Added cloth physics to player character “Ogre” armor art asset. Cloth physics need to be fine tuned with better weighting.
  2. Recoil is now reduced while crouching
  3. Renamed “Silencer” ability to “EMP Wave”
  4. Increased Extended Magazine mod’s ammo bonus to +25% (was +10%)
  5. Seer Range Booster passive item icon reset to question mark icon
  6. Reset all gun mod icons to question mark icon
  7. Increased height of building zone ceiling in Tutorial map
  8. Increased recoil reset speed on sniper barrel
  9. Improved lobby art and UI
  10. Player stats in-game UI now shows match time elapsed
  11. Lockdown objective default “time to capture” decreased to 50 seconds (was 200)
  12. Recall channeling time reduced to 5 seconds (was 7 seconds)
  13. Reworked Ghost Cloak so that character automatically de-cloaks when firing gun while invisible.
  14. Added perimeter walls, and buildings in the distance to lobby map