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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By June 12, 2019No Comments

This is a milestone patch! We’re using an upgraded version of Unreal Engine in this patch, so the update will be quite large (Steam essentially needs to reinstall the entire game). There’s also a lot of new art assets, which we’re really excited to add.

Here’s everything in Update

  1. New version of Unreal Engine! This should improve performance, and also allows us to do new things with shaders (you’ll see this in action with Ghost Cloak ability)
  2. New minion model
  3. New drone model
  4. New drone animations
  5. Reworked player character model textures
  6. Riot Shield – Damage Resistance increased to 5 (was 4), Health increased to 50 (was 20), Duration increased to 20 seconds (was 10)
  7. Profile page now displays win ratio for player
  8. Ghost Cloak ability now shows player and his allies a ghostly shader on their character.
  9. Ghost Cloak net-code is now more reliable.
  10. New resource terminal model
    1. Has screens that appear to indicate that there are resources at the zone (replaces the “big red arrows”)
  11. Profile page (main menu) now displays a player’s average Kill / Death ratio
  12. Base Turret Damage Resistance increased to 25 (was 10)
  13. Victory Orb now bobs up and down
  14. Minions now change their colors based on if they are friendly or hostile
  15. New player character helmets added. They can be selected from the in-match Customize menu, found by pressing H for the armor modding > Customize Appearance.
    1. Note: Helmet selection resets upon death in this patch
  16. Objective Zones now have LED colors RED or BLUE depending on ENEMY or ALLY
  17. Reworked skylight and reflection colors
  18. New textures in Lane Map
  19. Atmospheric Fog added to Lane Map
  20. Player character now has animations while operating drone
  21. New half-wall model
  22. Improved Lobby join / leave event code
  23. New turret model
  24. Reworked color choices for customization. Better color picker coming soon.
  25. Cosmetics UI now allows players to set their secondary color
  26. Improved player character model rigging and cloth physics
  27. Riot shield now has an animation while holding it
  28. Adjusted player and minion hitboxes
  29. Enabled Developer command menu
  30. Adjusted weapon mobility stats as follows:
    1. mobility on Pistols to 1.15
    2. AssaultRifles to 0.99
    3. Shotguns to 0.95
    4. SniperRifle to 0.9
  31. Adjusted animation play rates for walking / running animations