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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By June 20, 2019No Comments

Hey Revn players,

Sorry for the delay on this patch. I’ve been on vacation this week. I’m traveling across the country, spending time with family, and apparently going without WiFi for over four days!! Yikes.

Anyways, the next patch is ready, and should fix many of the bugs we found during the “gameplay footage event” last week. Thanks again to everyone who showed up for that, you all rock. If this cafe lets me sit here all afternoon, I’ll be working on setting up our server backend to associate the Cyclops helmet cosmetic with your accounts. We’ve got some more cosmetics ready to add to the game soon. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram for glimpses of how stylish you can look in a Revn patch coming soon.

So what’s new in this patch? Here’s all the patch notes:

  1. Target Dummies have their colors back.
  2. Rebuilt nav-mesh in Alpha Tutorial map. Should solve bug where players could not respawn.
  3. Client “Show End Screen” event is now reliable.
  4. Disabled Lobby “re assign players if a player leaves” system, because it doesn’t work correctly.
  5. Puncturing Rounds trait is now removed from weapon if the passive item is sold or removed (solves exploit in last patch).
  6. Resource collectible zones are no longer bugged (they should properly place drills now)
  7. Removed Cyclops and Ogre Horns Up helmets from the default “Cosmetics Unlocked” array.
    1. The Cyclops helmet will be added to your account in the future if you participated in the Gameplay Footage Event. We’re still working on the server back-end to support this.
  8. Scopes should now retain their “glass” material when de-cloaking from Invisibility status.
  9. Weapons now force a character to reload when equipping any gun mod that decreases or increases magazine size.
  10. Fixed bug that allowed players to spam the “launch drone” animation into an endless loop of hand-waving.
  11. Drone now freezes in place instead of exploding if exceeding tether range
  12. Added a “glitch” effect when drone exceeds tether length
  13. Added loading screens when using “continue” button in End Screen UI to travel to Main Menu.
  14. Escape Menu’s Leave Game button now shows a loading screen when transitioning back to Main Menu
  15. Bullet impacts now have an impact decal
  16. Healing Orbs can no longer be stacked on top of turrets.

Thank you for your patience with this patch. Have a great weekend.