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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

This patch mainly improves quality of life with settings being saved, and building a backend for cosmetics for player accounts. Of course, there are other bug fixes and some balance changes.

  1. Main Menu now allows players to select a helmet (such as the Cyclops Helmet) and keep the helmet equipped whenever they log into the game.
    1. Colors and helmet cosmetics may now be previewed in Main Menu.
  2. Cyclops Helmet now associated with the account of any player who earned it.
    1. If you are missing the helmet and played in the gameplay footage event, message @support on our Discord server.
  3. Character / Drone mouse look is no longer tied to frame rate (delta world time). Should improve smoothness of aiming when frame rate stutters
  4. Frame rate now uncapped! Frame rate settings are now supported in Settings menu
  5. Fixed colors on spider armor not being customized.
  6. Improved smoothing and materials on several gun models
  7. Changed Lobby Character to use Spider Armor set by default (was Ogre set)
  8. Heavy Cannon Barrel > Armor Piercing increased to 45 (was 25)
  9. Heavy Cannon Barrel damage to 60, effective range to 100 (was 50)
  10. Removed the following gun mods from the game state: Long Shotgun Barrel, Long Barrel, Short Shotgun Barrel, Hand Cannon Barrel, Triple Burst Barrel
  11. Standard Burst Barrel Damage increased to 10 (was 8)
  12. Fixed “display name text” for Tier 4 Target Dummy, was missing “DR” at the end of titlecard
  13. Reduced fort objects’ Damage Resistance to 15 (was 50)
  14. Drone Control Screen now properly hidden when “turn off” animation montage finishes
  15. “Nexus Bauble” now floats higher in the air, so that players and minions can walk under it (solves minion navigation problem)
  16. Removed side lane objectives, build zones and minion spawners from Lane Map for more focused playtesting
  17. Fixed healing abilities by adding a “vector plus 0.001 Z axis” node to the End vector because UE 4.22 has a bug that breaks any sphere trace with the same start and end points.
  18. Base Projectile splash damage trace now should actually work (added 0.001 to the end point of the splash sphere trace bc of Unreal Engine bug (see previous changelist and this issue URL:
  19. Grenade throw trajectory now calculated on server and passed down to clients (fixes bug where clients wouldn’t see poison cloud or other grenade effects)
  20. Possibly fixed bug where players would not get assigned to a team in the Alpha Tutorial Map and thus be unable to spawn or respawn.
  21. Gameplay settings (including Mouse Sensitivity) now saved in a Settings config file on local PC
  22. Fixed flamethrower projectile exploding on impact (it wasn’t supposed to)
  23. Renamed “Fire Blast” to “Flamethrower”. Added Flamethrower Level 2.
  24. Reworked so that players can reload and sprint at the same time now (animation logic needs to be updated)
  25. Drone now triggers a lighter version of drone “glitch” when drone approaches last 5 meters of tether
  26. Audio settings now saved and loaded to a local config file.
  27. Turrets now deal hit scan damage
  28. Increased Metal Cap to 100,000 (was 10,000) and hid the cap from the HUD