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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

The new patch for Revn is live! We added a new map and objective system, plus we brought back the AI squad system from last year. There’s also a 5th passive item slot, and improvements to the cosmetic color system. Starting Metal has increased to allow players to start with a stronger fortress or improved weapons. Check out all the patch notes below.

  1. New map! “NoLaneMap” is a more open map, with a single objective near each team’s spawn area. This objective must be destroyed to win the game.
  2. Added a new Minion Squad System. Press “T” to open up a minion squad command wheel, and issue orders.
  3. “Minion Character” (not Lane Minion, this is the squad minion) will now focus fire on whatever their player shoots at (lets them focus fire on walls and other fort buildings)
  4. Solved bug where color pickers / gear picker would stay on screen after exiting the menu.
  5. Starting metal inventory now 1000 (was 200)
  6. Drone “Glitch” post process effect no longer unbound, should no longer appear on other player’s screens.
  7. Added a 5th passive slot
  8. Created “squad management” UI. Can be accessed from the Armor Crafting menu while at a crafting table
  9. New death animation
  10. HUD now shows ability keybindings
  11. Nexus healthbar added to HUD, pulses when taking damage
  12. Improved overall performance and frame-rate of the game.
  13. Increased rate of fire of minion rifle to 300 (was 150). Refactored some spawn-gear code for Minion (not lane minion)
  14. Reduced turret health, shields and Damage resistance
  15. Fixed UI names for healing aura upgrade tiers
  16. Scaled down drone model by 40%
  17. Added Heavy Siege minion, he uses Rocket Barrel on his gun.
  18. Reduced health on Wall, Ramp, Floor, and Wall w/ Door.
  19. Medic Bubble got new “Healing pad” mesh and particle system
  20. Fixed fire grenade level 3 UI name
  21. Fixed sphere trace for Stunning Stomp
  22. Added RGB color sliders to Cosmetics Color Picker UI
  23. Game now loads primary color slots from online account database (doesn’t get Secondary Color yet)
  24. New particle system while player is recalling
  25. Created “Demolition Implant”, a passive item that boosts armor piercing.

We’ll have our weekly community playtest this Wednesday at 5:00 PM EST. See you there!