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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By August 5, 2019No Comments

Update for Revn is out now! In addition to the many bug fixes in this patch, we’ve added player-skill tracking with a basic ELO system. Minion spawning has been reworked, so players will need to build a Minion Factory to create minion squads from the radial command wheel. Finally, net-code should see improvements in this patch, especially important for cosmetics and the lobby connectivity issues we’ve had in the past.

Here are the full details of what’s new in Revn:

  1. Players can now change their gear in the spawn area
  2. Auto generated LOD for Minion character model. Should help improve performance on potato computers.
  3. Turrets now agro on enemies within detection radius when they become active
  4. Changed colors of health / shields / mana for HUD
  5. Rebuilt lighting in lobby map
  6. Increased animation speed of the drone deploy animation. Drone is now deployed on a notify trigger before the animation has finished playing.
  7. Force field fences can no longer be stacked inside of each other
  8. Floors, ramps, and walls can now be placed on top of force field fences.
  9. Destructible objective (reactor core) can no longer be repaired or demolished.
  10. Color sliders now refresh to reflect previously chosen values when loaded in the cosmetics customization UI. Also removed old “color preset” buttons from the UI.
  11. Requests for equipped skins are now sent when the server spawns the player at Match Start. Requesting an equipped skin will now also equip it if the player has already spawned. This should fix the bug where players would spawn with the colors and skins chosen by another player in the same match.
  12. Created “resurrect team” ability. Re-spawns your team at your location if they are currently dead.
  13. Prototyped new spawn area in the map.
  14. Created Minion Factory fort object. Players must now spawn minions from one of these instead of at a crafting table. Reworked UI so that players use minion command wheel to access the squad management UI instead of using the armor modding UI to access it.
  15. Lobby menu now displays number of connected players.
  16. Added pre-spawned team states to Lobby map, might fix bug where players don’t get a valid reference to a team state in the lobby.
  17. Created a “Balance Teams” button in Lobby UI. Works most of the time, which is better than no balancing.
  18. When a player logs out from a session (disconnects), they are now removed from their team. Fixes bug where blank entries would remain in the lobby team rosters.
  19. Created player ELO tracking. Currently not displayed in-game. Player ELO is updated when a match ends.
  20. Removed “minion power level” text from HUD.
  21. Added kill-streak counting. Kill-streaks are shown in the kill-feed messages.
  22. Killing a player with a high kill-streak will grant a bounty reward, and the bounty is displayed in the kill-feed.
    1. Reward is a 100 Metal bounty per kill-streak point of the dead player

Thank you for playing Revn. The community playtest will be hosted on Wednesday at 5:00 PM EST this week. See you there!