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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By July 29, 2019No Comments
  1. Changed colors of health bars and shield bars in HUD
  2. Added Force Field Fence, a player built object that blocks projectiles but not movement
  3. Increased detection range of regular and barrage turrets to 4000 (was 2000)
  4. Barrage turret now has its own art assets and animations
  5. Fixed bug where Skimmer Boots used double the intended mana
  6. Fixed bug where turrets agro on friendly players when they are first built.
  7. Barrage turret time to build reset to 30 seconds (was 3 seconds for testing reasons)
  8. Reworked minimap POI so that enemies are orange (was red)
  9. Added system for players to repair buildings
  10. Reworked health bars for enemies and allies to appear over actor heads
  11. Improved No Lane Map roads and other art assets
  12. Adjusted position of some resource terminals so they aren’t stuck inside buildings
  13. Fixed animation bugs for riot shield and drone screen deploy
  14. Fixed bug where players couldn’t demolish ally buildings
  15. Fixed bug where all minions cost 50 metal instead of their intended cost
  16. Added Riot Shield tiers 3-5