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Dev Blog 27: The road to Twitch Con

By August 16, 2019No Comments

You saw it in the title. Its confirmed on my Twitter account. We’re going to Twitch Con 2019 in San Diego!!

We’ve got a lot planned for the month leading up to Twitch Con (September 26-30), and I want to share a few highlights with the Revn community.

First, I’ve been working on the server back-end and other systems to support competition and progression in the game. The new Elo system tracks player skill and will form the backbone of a ranked mode for Revn. Net-code in the lobbies has been reworked, eliminating many of the connection errors we’ve been experiencing in alpha tests. I’m working on a Mastery Level system, too. Mastery will be achieved through playing Revn and earning XP to level up your account. Additional quests and challenges to earn extra XP are coming in the future.

This week, we’re releasing a partial rework of our UI. You’ll see it in the Main Menu and the Lobby UI. Over the next several weeks, we will be updating all of our UI to match. A mini-map rework is still on our to-do list, but we’ve had to delay it while we worked on a visual style for the rest of Revn’s UI.

We’re working towards a big marketing push at the end of September, surrounding Twitch Con. Help us increase Revn’s visibility by following us on Twitter or Instagram and sharing our posts with your friends. Every bit helps!

One of our biggest priorities right now is improving AI behavior for minions and rogue AI (a new enemy faction found in the map). Other updates will include animation blending improvements and communication systems for teams to ping objectives and enemies.

Finally, we have a new designer / visual artist on the development team. Nick Holdorf has taken over as our level designer and has started to transform the world of Revn. Each week, we are hoping to release a new district of the map, with updated block outs and level design elements. You can follow along with his progress on his Twitter @nholdorf.

I’m very excited to see all of the progress we’ve been making, and I can’t wait to see where we’ll be at in a month from now!