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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By August 19, 2019No Comments

This patch broke everything, but hotfix should fix the major bugs…

  1. Removed the Widow Scope from game
  2. Increased health of Nexus to 2000 (was 1000)
  3. Destructible objective (NEXUS) no longer collapses if a neighboring object is destroyed. Fixes major bug / exploit because Force Field Fence would cause this to happen, ending the game incorrectly.
  4. Fixed bug where players couldn’t build on certain areas of the map
  5. Improved match leaderboard widget
  6. Minion factory now checks if a pad is occupied and selects an unoccupied pad to spawn a minion on.
  7. Increased radius of Heavy Cannon Barrel splash damage to 300 centimeters (was 200)
  8. Implemented role icons in Lobby UI
  9. Reworked prompts for crafting
  10. Hitting escape will now exit the drone if no menus are open.
  11. Mastery Level now displayed in Main Menu next to player’s username and Coin amount.
  12. Added directional damage indicator to HUD
  13. New materials for environment art
  14. Fixed rotation of Riot Shield Ability (should be in front of character not to the side!)
  15. Re-implemented Leaving Battle Zones. Added “Leaving Battle Widget” to HUD
  16. Changed/ Added social media Icons to main menu UI
  17. Created Minion Health Boost passive item (with Tier 2)
  18. Improved level design for NoLaneMap
  19. Improved cosmetics selection UI
  20. Added player usernames to the top of the HUD
  21. Possible fix for orbital strike ability particles not showing on client player screens (might have been spawning particles at 0,0,0 bc we were using a replicated variable to indicate where to spawn particles)
  22. Lobby player listings now display that player’s ELO score as a tooltip
  23. Lobby now takes into account player ELO when balancing teams. It is biased towards giving slightly higher ELO players to Team 0, however…
  24. Fixed bug where force field fence can’t be built next to walls
  25. Minions will now continue fighting when their commander dies
  26. Fixed bug where clients were locally spawning Rogue AI mob camps at world origin


This patch breaks minion AI navigation.

This patch introduces a bug where destroying / demolishing any fort object will trigger the collapse of all connected structures.

Both of these bugs should be fixed in Hotfix (already live)