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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By August 27, 2019No Comments

This is DEFINITELY our biggest patch ever. Tons of quality-of-life improvements. Lots of item and ability balancing. Two new map districts, plus a reworked spawn area. Custom lobbies for matchmaking. And the groundwork was laid for a spectator system. All in one patch. Which is now live. Here’s everything we did:

  1. Added prototype for cosmetics store. Players can purchase the Ogre Helmet for 500 coins.
  2. Added custom game matchmaking. Players can create a lobby code and search for the code to join a custom lobby.
  3. Directional damage indicators now fade out instead of instantly disappearing.
  4. Hints now displayed in loading screen, death screen, and lobby. Hints can be disabled in the gameplay settings.
  5. Removed auto hosting new match when searching for a game fails.
  6. Killfeed now states when you were killed by a turret or a minion that is owned by an enemy player
  7. Added a Screen Damaged effect when a player drops below 25% health.
  8. Added a spray system for players to decorate the environment
  9. New art asset for Nexus
  10. Leaderboard now tracks damage dealt to Nexus by each player
  11. Profile page now displays Mastery XP.
  12. Reworked the mini-map
  13. Player can no longer recall in the air.
  14. Players can now cycle through spectator cameras while waiting for the match to start
  15. Added gear to end-screen leader board
  16. Rogue AI camps will now increase their power level each time they are cleared. Rogue AI will gain a health and damage bonus percentage multiplied by their camp’s level.
  17. The influence that rate of fire can have on recoil speed is now clamped to 100. Any RoF lower than 100 will only decrease recoil speed as if it had RoF 100.
  18. Turrets and Nexus will now trigger an explosion particle effect when destroyed.
  19. Increased cooldown reducer metal cost
  20. Increased Rogue AI mob spawn interval to 60 seconds (was 30)
  21. Decreased Chilling Blast duration for all tiers; starts at 2.0 seconds, increases by 1.0 second/tier
  22. Slowed Status “speed factor” nerfed to now apply -60% speed instead of -80%
  23. Added two new districts to the map
  24. Double Clip magazine mod metal cost increased to 200 (was 100)
  25. Added “Mana Buff” Rogue AI that grant a buff to mana regen rate when killed. Buff duration is 120 seconds, is lost if player dies or recalls.
  26. Added a chat window to the HUD. Global chat is working in this patch. Team chat is coming soon.
    1. Players can press “M” to mute the chat, however chat can not be un-muted. This is a temporary feature in case the chat system breaks or gets spammed during this week’s playtesting.
  27. More rogue minion camps added to the map
  28. Orbital strike splash radius increased to 12 meters
  29. Added Demolition Implant tiers 3-5
  30. Increased targeting range for Orbital strike by 82%
  31. Improved riot shield upgrade tiers
  32. Increased splash radius for all grenades.
  33. Increased orbital strike cooldown
  34. Removed the “Join by IP address” button from the Main Play UI.
  35. Increased baseline health for all player characters to 100 (was 20)
  36. Default keybind for minion command wheel changed to “X”.

Sorry for the delay in releasing this patch! We ran into some last-minute bugs, but everything should be stable now. See you all on Wednesday at 7 PM EST for the playtest.