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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By September 2, 2019No Comments

This week’s patch is about improving team communication. We added team chat channels, a call-out system, and more. Check out all the patch notes below for more details.

  1. Unlocking a gun mod will now immediately equip it.
  2. Riot shield now blocks vision traces (AKA blocks hit scan attacks such as the Basic turret)
  3. Improved minion spawning code (should fix bug where players would spend metal on minions that didn’t actually spawn)
  4. Renamed minion command “go there” to “attack move”
  5. Reduced recoil on short barrel to 0.25 (was 0.5)
  6. Skin store now disables a skin listing’s purchase button if skin is already unlocked.
  7. Fixed bugs with custom lobby codes
  8. Item tool tips now display Armor Piercing stat.
  9. Added “support role” to lobby role selection
  10. New art asset for Heavy Siege Minions
  11. Added “team chat” channel to chat window
  12. Changed sky box to gold
  13. Fixed chat window bugs.
  14. Created upgrade tiers 3-5 for Minion Health Boost passive item.
  15. Created Life Steal passive item.
  16. Added keybinds to equip weapons 1 & 2 by pressing 1 and 2 on keyboard.
  17. Changed keybind of disabling/enabling chat to L
  18. Added new map districts
  19. Added “callouts” system. Press “N” to quickly choose a message to send to your team.