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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By September 9, 2019No Comments

This is milestone 5. With this patch, we’re ready for everyone to share Revn with the world! The map block out is finished, and we’re beginning to add more detailed art and textures to each district.

  1. Improved Lobby UI
  2. Doubled the perception radius for Rogue AI
  3. Improved lighting and shadows in City Map
  4. Created upgrade tiers for Dash Ability
  5. Enemy / Ally healthbars now move upwards to avoid covering the character’s head at long distances
  6. Added Health Buff Rogue AI
  7. New ability, “Rage”
    1. Heal for a small amount of health when cast
    2. Buffs armor (damage resistance) while active
    3. Reduces move speed by a small amount while in cooldown (“exhausted”)
  8. Reworked Damage Overload Ability
    1. Overload is now a toggle
    2. No mana cost, burns health every second
    3. New VFX for Overload ability
  9. New ability, “Shield Recharge”
  10. Increased grenade cooldown to 7 seconds (was 5)
  11. Fixed bug where splash radius visualizer for Orbital strike was half the size of the actual blast
  12. Team leaderboards now show total metal gained by team
  13. changed lobby map button text from “NoLaneMap (new)” to “City Map”
  14. Improved Gun and Armor crafting UI
  15. Added a confirmation prompt to selling items and abilities
  16. New VFX for drone control screens
  17. New art assets for City Map

As mentioned at the start of these patch notes, we are ready for you to create content for Revn on Twitch, YouTube, and any other platform of your choice. Over the next several days we will be sharing some ways you can support Revn on social media and other sites.

There will be a playtest on Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST. See you there!