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Dev Blog 30: One year of Alpha Testing and October Roadmap

By September 26, 2019No Comments

Thank you for being a part of the Revn community. I am currently writing this from a coffee shop in San Diego, while waiting for TwitchCon 2019 to kick off. I’m in a city I’ve never been to, preparing to tell the world about the game that we’ve made. I wouldn’t be here if our players and community members hadn’t supported us during our first year of alpha testing. Your feedback, criticism, and kind words have motivated the developer team to make Revn into something truly unique and exciting. I hope you are as excited as I am for the year ahead of us.

TwitchCon 2019

First things first, we will be at Booth SW 21 during TwitchCon this weekend, next to Noiz and a few other companies you might recognize. We’ll have a playable demo of Revn, and Nick and I will be here to talk about the game with you. This is our first convention, so we are extremely excited! Follow me on Twitter for live updates of what we are doing throughout the weekend.

Weapon System Rework

We’re releasing an overhaul of the weapons in Revn next month. Kyle is creating new art assets for most if not all of our weapons and attachments. We will be updating the animations for weapons for a more polished feel. Nick is working on icons for the crafting UI for weapons, abilities, and gear.

I will be improving the net-code behind gun combat in Revn, and working to smooth out many of the complaints we’ve received in playtests. Finally, we will be adding a variety of new gun attachments and parts. If you have suggestions for weapon parts or attachments, let us know in our Discord server. One of our goals with these new parts will be to create several tiers of weaponry. As of Patch 0.5.2, most weapon mods are equally powerful. We want to offer higher cost, higher powered weapon mods for players to craft. These mods will allow for deeper customization and offer more progression for weapon-focused loadouts to scale their power into late-game firefights.

For anyone who’s curious about our patch labeling system, the weapon rework will be milestone “0.6.0.xxxx”, our sixth major milestone since launching the closed alpha.

Replay System

Ever wonder how you lost a team fight? Soon you’ll be able to view replays of matches in Revn. This will also give us unparalleled insights into playtests and bug reports. Our replay system will be able to recreate the events of every match in Revn, complete with camera controls to freely navigate the map.


One of the most common pieces of feedback we receive is “streamline the character customization system”. For that reason, we’re preparing to introduce Loadouts to Revn. Players will select a handful of abilities and passive items to create a Loadout. Loadouts will include 6 abilities and 10 passive items. This allows you to have an alternate choice for each of your slots (3 ability slots and 5 passive slots).

When a player selects a loadout at the beginning of a match, they will be restricted to crafting only the items included in their loadout. You will be able to create as many loadouts as you wish (we may introduce a cap in the future, depending on server capabilities).

Additionally, these loadouts will improve the new player experience in Revn. We will include several premade “recommended” loadouts to help you get started as a new player. These loadouts will offer a solid foundation for various playstyles, ranging from Tanks to Casters to Assassins. Once you become familiar with one of these loadouts, we encourage you to experiment and customize them for a playstyle that is unique to you!

We hope to have the Weapon Rework, Replays, and Loadouts released to alpha testers by the end of October. Thank you again for your continued support!