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Dev Blog 31: Revn Goes Free To Play at Launch

By October 2, 2019November 11th, 2020No Comments

We’ve got some pretty big news for the Revn community.

Revn will be free to play at launch. If you were at TwitchCon 2019 this weekend, you probably heard us talking about this. If you didn’t get a chance to visit our booth, here’s why and how we want to make Revn free to play.

Why Free to Play?

We want as many players as possible to play Revn. If you’re enjoying the game, we want it to be as seamless as can be to invite your friends to queue with you.

How will Revn be monetized, if it is free to play?

With the introduction of Loadouts later this month, players will be choosing 6 abilities to bring to each match. They will still equip only 3 abilities at a time, with the remaining 3 abilities available as alternatives.

When setting up a Loadout, players will be choosing from a library of abilities that they have unlocked for their account. Players will get a starter library of abilities. Additional abilities can be unlocked with either of two currencies: Credits and Coins.

Credits will be earned by playing matches of Revn and other in-game actions.

Coins will be available for purchase. In addition to unlocking abilities, Coins will continue to be used to purchase cosmetic skins.

Any Coins that players have earned so far will be converted into Credits in Update 0.6.0.

Instead of earning 50 or 100 Coins at the end of every match, players will instead earn Credits.

Additionally, a weekly rotation of abilities will be free to all players. This will offer you a chance to try something new against your opponents. And, all abilities will continue to be unlocked in the training maps.

We hope that these changes create more streamlined crafting and a smoother new player experience. We also think these updates will result in a progression system for players to expand their arsenal.

At this time, Revn remains in closed alpha, which means a key is still required to play the game. If you would like to refer a friend, send them to