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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By December 16, 2019No Comments

This is one of our biggest updates in a while! Update overhauls most of our animation logic, addresses several balance issues, and adds a couple new abilities. Here’s everything in the patch:

  1. Balanced Shield Recharge ability (increased metal cost of upgrades, increased cooldown by 4 seconds at all tieres)
  2. Increased number of minions per wave in Horde mode
  3. Players will no longer get a Death Screen or respawn after the match ends
  4. New art asset for Carbine weapon frame
  5. New art asset for Bolt Action Core weapon mod
  6. Added additional controller keybinds
  7. Raised the camera so it is aligned with the character’s head while standing and crouching
  8. Added some minor screenshake to weapon firing
  9. Added smoke trails to bullets
  10. Added a Consumable item slot. Every player gets a Med Kit for free in this patch, after we’ve tested the system for bugs, we will be adding other options for the consumable slot.
    1. Med Kits have “charges” that refill every 2 minutes, up to a maximum of 2 charges stored.
    2. Press “H” to consume a Med Kit and heal 25 health
  11. New Turret class, the Sniper Turret
  12. Reworked the Proximity Mine ability
    1. Adjusted Proximity Mine damage, radius, and added detailed description with stats.
    2. Reworked proximity mine so that it is dropped instead of thrown. Makes it a lot more defensive.
    3. Fixed bug where it didn’t actually use the armor piercing stat it was given when dealing damage.
    4. New art asset and particles for proximity mine
    5. Duration increased to 40 seconds (was 20)
    6. New icon for Proximity Mine
  13. Reduced horizontal recoil on LMG frame
  14. Assigned Flame icon for Fire grenade and Burning Status
  15. Added a brightness slider to color picker. Added an indicator “dot” for what hue / saturation is currently selected
  16. Improved animation blending and IK hand animations
  17. Jumping now cancels sprinting, landing from a jump / fall now checks to resume sprinting 0.1 seconds afterwards. This means bunny-hopping will be a lot slower now (can’t retain sprint momentum), but players will have a more responsive sprint control scheme.
  18. Fixed bug where characters could dodge roll after death
  19. Dodge rolling now cancels reloading and recalling
  20. Sprinting now cancels reloading
  21. Map Changes
    1. Added some garden greenhouse assets
    2. Removed overhead blocking assets from center lane in theater/ art district
  22. “Cancel Recall” event no longer triggers the “Recall Canceled” HUD text if the player wasn’t recalling
  23. New ability, Bubble Shield
  24. New ability, Energy Transfer
    1. Gives energy (mana) to nearby allies
  25. Improved “Armor Enhancer Panel”
    1. Fixed bug where armor enhanced buff from armor panel didn’t give the proper amount of armor and so when it ended, it would take away too much armor
    2. Stepping onto an armor enhancer panel will clear any existing temporary armor buffs
  26. Guns are now 20% bigger when players hold them
  27. Fixed alignment issues with many scopes
  28. Adjusted muzzle flash positions on all weapon frames
  29. Fixed bug where minions wouldn’t destroy their weapons when killed
  30. Turret cap per team decreased to 15 (was 20)
  31. Reduced heavy wave minion armor piercing to 10 (was 45). Reduced damage to 10 (was 15), reduced splash damage to 10 (Was 15)
  32. Added upgrade tiers 6 for Damage Booster and Exo Plating passive items
  33. Players can now only equip one passive item of each type

Thanks for being a part of the Revn Closed Alpha. Your feedback helps us make a better game with every patch!