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As snow covers the ground outside, we are turning our attention towards what’s next for Revn. Alpha Milestone 6 presented some unexpected challenges, and the Replay system ended up getting delayed. However, we are now ready to layout our plans for Alpha Milestone 7.


Wards and potions are a major element in many MOBA games, and we want to outfit players with more tools for map vision and early game sustainability. The first implementation of consumables will allow players to equip a health potion. Although similar to abilities, they will operate a little differently. Consumables won’t cost mana, they can’t be upgraded, and they will have charges that refill on a long timer.

Once we’ve tested the Health Potion, we are going to prototype a Mana Potion for casters, and implement Vision Wards. If you have suggestions for new types of consumables, let us know in the Discord server.

Improved User Interface

As part of this milestone, we want to add more icons to the UI, and add more detailed descriptions for items and abilities. The goal will be to clearly explain every item / ability in the game.

This also includes better UI / UX for the character appearance customization menu. We want to add a system for rotating the character while previewing skins. We are also extending the range of colors available by adding a brightness slider to the color wheel.

Material / Texture Polish Pass

For this milestone, we will be overhauling as many materials and textures as possible. We want to update many of our old materials and create a more uniform visual style. This is an ongoing process, and we feel that there are some outdated materials in the current game version.


We are building a system to reward players for their first win of the day, getting a specific number of kills, and other challenges.

Ability Store

The major account progression system in Revn, unlocking abilities, will be prototyped as part of Milestone 7. When completed, players will have a set of abilities that everyone has access to. A weekly rotation of abilities will be available for all players, and additional abilities will be unlocked with either of two currencies. One of these currencies will be earned by playing matches, and the other will be a premium currency available for purchase at a later date. We will have more info about these currencies and the Ability Store in a future developer blog.